22 two-minute scrapbooking tasks to do

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Yesterday, I asked on Facebook about your challenges in scrapbooking. Overwhelmingly, you’re biggest hurdle is time.

While I cannot add more hours to the day, here are 22 quick little tasks to help you squeeze more memory keeping into your day.

  1. Upload your latest layout
  2. Buy a kit from your favorite designer
  3. Send an email applying to a creative team
  4. Read a blog post and leave a comment
  5. Empty your Trash or Recycle Bin
  6. Sign up for a new online class
  7. Join a conversation on Facebook
  8. Respond to a forum thread
  9. Upload a set of photos to Flickr
  10. Buy a how-to book from Amazon
  11. Unzip your latest purchases
  12. Find an awesome layout to scraplift
  13. Pick 5 photos to scrap soon
  14. Brainstorm 10 new page ideas
  15. Download a new freebie template
  16. Write a description for a photo set
  17. Tag your latest batch of photos
  18. Find 5 items to delete
  19. Upload layouts for printing
  20. Download several new free fonts
  21. Complete the journaling on a page
  22. Send photos to be printed

How do you make the most of limiting time for scrapping?

Congrats to RealRach, Carla and Abby on winning the March Project 10×12 Challenge!

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  1. Carla

    Yeah, that’s so exciting! Thank you!

  2. Stan

    Boy I can think of a lot but maybe:

    Check for extra batteries for your digital camera

    BACKUP (if not using an automatic service like Mozy or Carbonite)


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