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We’ve got a fabulous, customizable giveaway today from SuzyQ Scraps! Suzy’s bright, themed kits with fun touches are items I often flag as hot picks.

I just love the Ouchies & Ickies collab Suzy did with Jady Day Studio:

Did you know you can find SuzyQ Scraps all across the internet?

And today, you can find SuzyQ Scraps here at Simple Scrapper giving away Especially for You: {Made to Order}:

This is such a hugely clever idea for a wedding kit. Suzy has got a standard set of elements and papers all ready to go. She will customize the entire kit to YOUR wedding colors. What’s not to love about this??

As a special bonus to you, Suzy is also giving away an Especially for You add-on bundle in Silver or Gold:

Are you ready to win?

  • Share a funny engagement, wedding or marriage story with us.
  • Enter your comment by 11:59pm Eastern on Friday night.
  • Find out who the winner is on Saturday!

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  1. Nichole

    We’d ordered a bunch of cocktail napkins for the reception with our names and the wedding date on them. They got left behind at my sister-in-law’s house, though, so we used them at get-togethers for the next five years!

  2. Colleen

    Oh wow, that is SO COOL!! I just got married this past fall, and that is such a wonderful idea for a wedding kit! I’ll be looking into this for sure 🙂

    Let’s see, a funny story. My husband and I went and bought my engagement ring together somewhat unexpectedly. He had a plan for how he wanted to propose though, and that was not happening for a few months. So when we bought our house and had to move, he handed over the bag from the jeweler with my ring inside, and asked me to move it to the new house so that he knew it would be safe and sound! I moved my own engagement ring, and it was NOT on my finger! LOL!

  3. Melinda Wilson

    My step-mother works for a bank and they have the city police take turns being at their bank so of course they all become good friends. When we were leaving after our wedding, one of those police were waiting just down the road to stop us and take my husband to jail. See, our friends had taken cans of beer and put them in the back seat of our car and even opened one and put it in one of the cup holders. The policeman was laughing so hard that he couldn’t follow thru with the joke so it is a special memory for our family.

  4. Jenn L

    Love Suzy’s designs and these are no exception! Fabulous!

    Well I don’t know how funny this is – maybe in 40 years I’ll think it’s funny… but my husband never actually proposed to me. I knew he had the ring and I was anxiously awaiting the day he’d give it to me. Of course, every time we did something I’d wonder, is this the day? I had dreams of romance, roses and champagne. A romantic proposal I’d never forget. That is not what I received. Instead, one day, as I was sitting in my pjs in the recliner surfing the net on my laptop (of course), I heard him in the kitchen say to my daughter Jordan, “Here, give this to your mom.” Jordan proceeded to come into the living and drop a small box in my lap. I had my ring, without so much as a Will You Marry Me. To this day, I don’t let him forget it. Maybe one day I’ll get the romance I crave. LOL

  5. Nikki

    Not sure if it is funny or not but after being together for almost 10 years and 3 kids together!! I got tired of waiting for the prefect proposal so I told him WE ARE GETTING MARRIED and I started planning!!! lol

  6. Kathlynn

    What a great idea! My funny story is a bit goofy. My hubby hates public speaking so he was dreading having to stand up in front of everyone and say our vows. We opted to do the traditional vows so he could just repeat after the pastor. Well when it came time to say I Eric take you Kathlynn, he repeated the pastor, mis-speak and all, and said I Eric take you Kathleen. The entire church erupted (Kathleen is my grandma and aunts name) with laughter. LOL He still gets joked on for it.

  7. Jodie M.

    Beautiful kit. I’d love an opportunity to win it.

    While my husband was waiting for the service to start, he told his friends that I was going to be mad, since he had a hole in the sole of his shoe and it would show when we had to kneel up at the altar. When he pulled his shoe off to shoe to tell his best men, he noticed it also said “ME” written on the shoe…he quickly took off the other one and it said “HELP”. So that when he knelt, it would say HELP ME. He quickly went outside and scrapped the soles of his shoes on the concrete to get the words off. His best men cracked up…since they were the ones that put it there! Thank goodness for that little hole in his shoe!

  8. Lorry

    My wedding was in the sports section of the local paper because it happened outside directly next to a huge billfish tournament weigh-in ceremony. NO, we did NOT plan that, but the co-ordinator messed up pretty royally. My guests had to walk through a pirate ship façade to get to the wedding, and they were announcing fish weights over loudspeakers and a jumbotron during the entire ceremony.

  9. Lynn

    Well, my husband loves Star Wars so I surprised him with a groom’s cake with a little Leia and Han cake topper, and Leia even had a little wedding dress!
    We used some Star Wars music in the ceremony too. I think that got the most comments of anything else!
    We had fun though!
    Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  10. Jenny

    Here is our engagement story. This May, we’ll celebrate ten years of marriage. ♥♥

    On April 1, 1999, when I was a senior in college, my boyfriend, David, invited me over for dinner. It was April Fools’ Day, and we had spent all week talking about what we, along with some friends, could do to prank Connie, the secretary at the office on campus where we all worked. We had decided that our friends, Pete and Sarah, who were recently married, would tell her they were going to have a baby. That went off great, and she was really fooled! I thought our April Fools’ Day antics were over, but I guessed wrong. That night, David cooked a simple meal for us (no fancy steaks… we were college students, after all). We ate and sat at the table just talking. All of the sudden, David acted like he forgot to give me something, and handed me a bridal magazine. I was really confused and said, “Why are you giving me this?!” He then got down next to my chair, on ONE knee, and started telling me all these nice things about how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, etc. I was just sitting there in shock, when he reached into his shirt pocket, and pulled out a ring… a PLASTIC, GUMBALL MACHINE RING! I then started to yell at him (I think I may have even hit him on the arm a couple of times), and said, “You’re horrible! You don’t joke about that!!!” He could tell I was really getting upset and did not think it was the least bit funny, so he started trying to calm me down, and said, “No, wait… I’m not joking…” He reached into a different pocket and pulled out a REAL engagement ring! I couldn’t see it through my tears. It just looked like a shiny blob. He then said the words, “Will you be my wife?” and put it on my finger. Right after that, he turned on the radio, and the DJ said, “This one goes out to Jenny from David,” and the song “From This Moment” began to play. We danced to it in his living room. The next day, we went to work and told Connie that we were engaged. She wouldn’t believe us at first, but April Fools’ Day was over, and I had the ring to prove it! 🙂

  11. Nikki O

    LOVE this kit idea! So, my story …

    When my first husband and I got married, we decided that we’d each ask our opposite-sex best friends to be in the wedding along with our same-sex best friends, so I had a groomsman pick, and he had a bridesmaid pick. Well, the night of our wedding reception, my best friend/groomsman’s girlfriend broke up with him — her reasoning: because he “stared at” me all day! We had a good laugh about it b/c EVERYONE stared at me all day — I was the bride, after all!

  12. Kimber

    Well, I left instructions with my mom on what needed to be done at the reception site as far as setup was concerned. One of the instructions included – here is the iPod, use the speakers to start playing the Pre-Dinner playlist.

    Well, the reception site FORGOT to put out the the iPod Speakers. They called me while my brother was running to the Apple Store (fortunately down the street) to BUY ones. Thank goodness they got a hold of me and my brother before any money was exchanged. I felt bad for my bro – but happy the store was nearby just in case.

  13. rags

    Loving the stories everyone! Great kit and great idea Suzy. I know how pedantic some of my friends have been for everything to match pefectly at their wedding, so this is sure to be a huge hit.

    I remember going to a wedding when I was a kid ….a ten hour drive during which mum was still sewing my dress. She never did finish it – thank goodness for safety pins! Then as I went to get ready, we discovered she’d forgotten my shoes, and I ended up wearing my slippers to the wedding. I dont think mum found it so funny then, but she does now.

    Thanks for the chance to win Suzy, I adore your Especially for you Add-ons

  14. Chari

    I just LOVE Suzy’s stuff & love reading these stories!


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