Get off the computer & make some memories

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Simple Tip Saturdays are all about giving easy ideas for you to grab and run.

Today we’re heading up to Chicago for a little shopping and family togetherness. The weather has turned so beautiful here that even the promise of rain can’t dampen our springtime spirits!

Today’s simple tip will bring some magic fairy dust into your next layout:

Dude, get off the computer and go make some memories!

I mean that in only the sweetest, gentlest of ways my friends. We’re digital divas and we love our gadgets. Sometimes though, especially during these transitional times of the year, we need to unplug.

Give yourself permission to slack on some of your online “responsibilities” to go frolic in the real world. We’ll be here when you get back, promise!

Before you go, tell us what memories you will be making this weekend.

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  1. Jen Graham

    Our church has a HUGE Easter Egg hunt by the beach tomorrow. Last year I got a TON of scrapable photos. I hope to do the same tomorrow. I love watching my son’s excitement when he hunts for the eggs. I think we will go for a bike ride too. Lots of family fun tomorrow.

  2. Tracy

    We are going out with my MIL on Easter. My parents have been gone for several years. It’s not the same for me anymore, but I do my best.
    Happy Easter Jenn, you are a huge blessing to me and I love SS!

  3. Helen

    We’ve been R&R’ing at home, and it’s been great! I’ve created a design book to keep with me to jot down my ideas as they come to me; and for cards/items that are requested of me. Now I’m off to actually get started on two of the (already) three ideas in my book! Happy family playing!
    Helen — Firenze Cards

  4. breeoxd

    Cherry Blossom Festival in DC!!!


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