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Jennifer Wilson

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May 10, 2010

It’s here again! Are you ready for your chance to win a $10 gift certificate to the digital shop of your choice? This is the easiest giveaway ever.

This month’s question

What questions do you have about Twitter?

Simply ask your question in the comments by 9am central time on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 and you’ll be entered to win. This month’s question will help me make sure you have all tools you need to participate in our weekly #scrapchat parties!

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  1. Kristi

    I see on some twitter pages, the backgrounds look like they were made with scrap kits…how can I make my own twitter background and how do you add it to your twitter page??

  2. Candice S. in Colorado

    OMG!!! Kristi just asked an AWESOME QUESTION!!!!! I don’t think I can top that because I have seen Twitter backgrounds for sale and have stayed clear of them because I don’t know how to use them at all!

    I would also like to know how the scrapchat began and am I really in the right spot when I simply click on or type in #scrapchat? I was sort of confused by that.

    Thanks so much for all you do in the scrap industry, you’re simply amazing! 🙂

  3. tzigane

    kristi’s question is a good one. i have changed my background but just with the stuff provided, not anything custom looking.

    i don’t really have any questions about twitter that i can think of. and i just want to say that i love #scrapchat. it is so fun and informative

  4. Cara S

    Is there an application similar to TweetDeck that I don’t have to download? I would like to access it from anywhere, but still have lists, etc.

  5. Christy

    Newbie here. (full disclosure) Tell me why I need twitter. I’m already time sucked in to Facebook and my scrapbook boards!

  6. Ang

    I briefly had a Twitter account early last year but ended up canceling it b/c I honestly had no idea what the point was. I joined to “follow” a particular person but I spend so much time on FB as it is I didn’t get anything out of the additional acct.

    I guess my question is: What can I get out of Twitter that makes it worthwhile?

    It seemed so limited (at that time) like a stream of “status updates” that you see on FB. I have noticed lately posts on my FB account about chats happening on Twitter but the thought of re-joining and having yet another thing to spend time on… well I’m just not feelin’ it. LOL

  7. Sheryl Clark

    I think it’s redundant to have Twitter, Facebook, a blog and a website. Seriously, I only have so much to say. I LOVE technology, however, this is overkill to me and very hard to maintain all 4 and a business when I am the only employee I have.

  8. Lori F

    I notice there are url’s that are shortened, how do you do that?

  9. Jackie

    What is the point of the #___ that are at the end of some posts?

  10. Crystal

    Can I get my facebook, twitter, and tumblr feeds in one place?

    • Jennifer

      There are a variety of ways to do that. Anything that has a feed can usually be sucked up and planted somewhere else.

      One site I just discovered is — it allows you to create an OpenID that can be used at many sites as well as a centralized profile for all of your social media accounts.

  11. Barbara

    I, too, just don’t understand the need for Twitter, but then again, I KNOW I’m not using it like I should. ‘Cause I don’t understand the POINT! Why would I want Twitter and Facebook? Aren’t they kind of the same thing? Start at the beginning, please!!! 🙂

  12. Bunnyfreak

    I currently use tweet deck and just participate in the chat using the search for #scrapchat feature. Is there a better platform and what makes it better?

  13. Laser

    I wish the scrap sites would just stick to their blogs and chat rooms for this old gal! I did a scrap chat last week with twitter and could not tell where my comments were ending up. So, if I am on your twitter page and hit reply on your name it takes me to another page (mine I guess) and I type my answer. How do you see my answer?

    BTW I am 71 years old and this technology is going way too fast for me! LOL

    • Jennifer

      For a chat, the easiest way to follow is to use a site like or — these sites automatically update, allowing you to view and participate in a chat in a way that acts very similar to a chat room.

      In general, I see your replies by looking in my @jenniferswilson or “mentions” area.

  14. Amanda Sam in Bflo

    What does it mean when someone posts #FF and then has a bunch of Twitter accounts listed? What does that mean/what is the purpose?

  15. Dawn

    What is the purpose of the lists/timelines? I am with everyone else in not understanding why I need twitter and facebook.

  16. Karyn A.

    I am on information overload. Between blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. I can’t keep up. I don’t know why so many people have all of these. I can barely keep up with the feeds that come in through my Google Reader…and thank heavens for that otherwise it would be impossible to even read the blogs that I like to frequent.

    I’m to the point that something is going to have to give and I’m thinking that it is all the folks that insist that we use twitter and facebook besides their blogs that will simply have to not have anymore access to my time.

    I don’t mean to sound negative, but I am really at a turning point in my life right now. Simplify or die. Something has to give.

    • Jennifer

      I totally understand where you are coming from, but I want to encourage you to see this “problem” from a different perspective.

      Twitter and Facebook offer new opportunities for you to connect with providers of information and products. If you’re not into a particular mechanism/social site, then that’s OK. It’s all about giving people valuable stuff in the place they want it and only when they want it!

  17. Robin

    I don’t have any questions about Twitter. I’ve been doing the Twitter thing for about a year and a half. But I’ve been on a Twitter break for a few days now and I’m not sure if I’ll go back. It was taking up too much of my time and not really adding much to my life.

  18. Melinda

    I would need a Twitter 101 class to understand it. I with the rest of you I just don’t gt the need for it. I have an account and I have followed many people as part of contest entries but I don’t know much else and never found the need to learn it.

    • Jennifer

      Well make sure you come to my Twitter 101 class tonight at 9pm central at

  19. Tamara

    I’m not sure how to use Twitter in a workflow sense. If I only peek in every few days, do I just check a page worth of activity? how far back do I bother to read? What am I trying to get out of it, anyway (right now i mostly have it for info on scrapping/photography/PSE stuff)

  20. Alice

    Lol! Can’t saw that I have any questions, actually! Already an avid twitter fan, as far as digiscrapping goes.

  21. Marcie_H

    I’d love to know how to work with List in Twitter. I also need to look into finding a PC twitter app and a Droid twitter app.

    Thanks Jennifer!

  22. TracyMHunt

    Do I really need to be that connected to another digital format? How much time should one take from IRL to put in to a digi-life?

    • Jennifer

      For better or worse, I think the lines between our “real” and “digi” lives are slowly becoming blurred as the modern economy goes digital.

      I think we’re in a difficult transition state where its hard to figure out where to spend our time. I know it’s certainly a struggle for me!

  23. Lulutoo

    I’m with the people who don’t get it. I signed up and followed lots of people, but I feel like I’m just alone when I’m on there. I can see some comments but I don’t feel like I’m interacting with anyone, even when it’s supposedly a “chat.” I already had to block one person from following me who had an obscene avatar and username (and was following a thousand people). Yuck!

  24. Tiffany

    I don’t do Facebook, and I just started with Twitter. I access my Twitter account from my computer and look at it once or twice a day. Facebook seems so complicated with Walls, Albums, Friends, Fans, Following, you have to give your full name. I have no intention of figuring that one out, but Twitter seems a little more intuitive.

    What are the Trending and Lists on the right hand side? And why won’t they stay collapsed so I don’t have to see them?

    I’ve followed a few people, so when I open it up, there is this long stream of Tweets. Can they be sorted in some way?

    And like some others, I’ve hit reply to some Tweets, and wonder what happens when I do that? Where are they showing up? Are they different than a regular Tweet?

  25. sherly

    My question is, how do people get so hooked with twitter?
    I’ve tried and tried but I somehow don’t get along with twitter =(

  26. RKSP

    I don’t use twitter, but I regularly check several scrap-related twitter accounts. I have a couple of questions:

    When some writes a tweet (?) directed specifically at another twitter user, they use @name. Does the person who that tweet was directed to get a notification about the message?

    Also, if you have a twitter account, can you make it private so that only certain people can follow?

    Okay, another question. Sometimes I’ll see “#” before a word, such as #digiscrap, and I’m assuming that is some sort of category or keyword? Can you see all tweets related to that category or keyword?

  27. Trista

    I have a blog related twitter question. How do you add the widget or gadget to your bloggity blog that will allow others to tweet your posts?

  28. mmikes

    Just about everything. Why join? I just did facebook and don’t know that either

  29. Laura

    I love Twitter. I totally get it! It is not an alternative to Facebook. It’s like a mix of Facebook and blogging, except micro-style. It’s great for business marketing.

    I want to know good ways to get more followers. (BTW, I’m @lauralouwho2)

  30. Stacia

    I love Facebook, and I really struggle with what would be helpful/useful/better about adding following Twitter posts (and posting myself) to my life. FB feels so easy. Everything is in one hub, I can scan my News pretty quickly and see what people are up to. I can post updates, photos, etc. and most people I care about (online folks) are on FB so there’s one stop-shopping for them and for me!

    Twitter feels like it would be a LOT of content to wade through, and like there isn’t really a “hub” because not that many of my friends use it. There are few enough of them that post regularly on FB, nevermind by using Twitter.

    So…it just seems like a duplication, and one that doesn’t have a huge amount of payback – at least for me joining in with twittering myself (I hate that work tweeting!!). I do have a Twitter account and have added various people (usually famous scrapbookers :P) to “follow” there. But honestly, I don’t go check their posts. I just keep up with them on their blogs and on FB.

    Maybe someone here can convince me that I should dive in deeper with Twitter? Are there really advantages over FB for non-business, non-celebrity, regular people…?

  31. Leah Loy

    My question is: I don’t really understand all the hype about it. What is the hype all about? With FB out there, what does Twitter offer that FB doesn’t? I have a twitter account and follow people and people follow me, though I am not sure why :), but I don’t go there to read their posts or anything.

  32. Jewelle

    How do you get started. Seriously I don’t even know how. I’m sooooo out of the loop concerning technological things.

  33. Michelle

    Hi.. Do you do Twitter on your computer or Cell Phone ?… is it part of Facebook? I’m very new to this….Thanks : )

    • Jennifer


      You can use Twitter on your computer or your phone and it’s not part of Facebook.

      Some people use an application to send their messages to both Twitter and Facebook, however.

  34. Ella

    I don’t know which SW to use to simplify the use of Twitter (and not to miss some important tweet for example)

  35. Jen

    I still haven’t figured out the ins&outs of Twitter. I can do the basics – I know how to post a tweet of my own as well as reply to someone else’s tweets. But that’s about it. I don’t understand what the #____ words are/mean. I don’t really get where a tweet shows up (I’m subscribed to a couple people, and yet I get tweets from a LOT of different people)….

    So — if I had any question, it would just be can I get a little overview of what the scrapchat is and how it works. I’m sure I could google about Twitter and figure it out, but I don’t really feel like wading through all the pointless “help” blogs that I’ll end up coming across… I just need a little Twitter for Dummies if I ever hope to get into Twitter, lol 🙂

  36. Abby

    I don’t really understand twittering, and I don’t even know if I have the right kind of phone to do it. Does it require an iPhone or similar? It seems annoying to me, but I’m not sure because I haven’t tried it.

  37. cherylzyx

    What does Twitter offer that I can’t get from Facebook? I’m on FB all the time but haven’t seen how Twitter would be beneficial.

  38. EBPitcher

    Without reading everyone else’s great (I’m sure) questions… I want to know how to leave a link to a specific tweet. I’ve seen it done, but all I can figure is how to leave a link to my general profile and not a specific tweet. Thanks!

  39. Bernice

    My question is similar to one asked above…what benefit would twitter have for me, and how do I use it?

  40. scrapsofcandy

    Wow, there are some great questions here. My question is, is there a way to direct message all of your followers?

    • Jennifer

      Nope, there’s not.. but we should all be thankful for that! We’d get a lot of spam messages if that were possible.

  41. Amber

    I don’t have any questions about twitter, because I don’t use it, LOL!

  42. Amy

    I tend to just hop onto Twitter on occasion and look at one or two pages of the stream of people that I follow but I know that I’m missing a lot of stuff. What is a better way? I have Tweet Deck but I’m not sure how to make that work for me either! And I don’t have a lot of time to spend on figuring it all out!

  43. Anna J

    Can I classify tweets depending on specific subjects…I am talking about tweets from people one is following? Thanks for the help

  44. flowersgal

    Why Twitter? I don’t twitter and don’t have a clue as to why I would want to or what would be gained by doing so.

  45. Nightwolf

    How can I use Twitter in a way related to scrapping apart from tweeting when I update my scrapping blog?

  46. chari

    What would you say is the best twitter iphone app?

  47. Anna M

    Mine is the same as others. Why do I need twitter when I have FB?

  48. Nonnie

    What is the main difference between Twitter and Facebook and why should I twitter? It just seems a little bit TMI to me – what is the advantage? – Right now I just don’t think it will make my life simpler! Help this newbie

  49. anna

    What is “tweet deck?”

  50. mommysosweet

    My question is how to do you Forward Fridays? I see the # sign a lot and I’m not sure how to actually do that. Thanks!

  51. rags

    I have finally set up a twitter account simply for some of the iNSD fun, so I know NOTHING! My question is this…. since most scrappers wish they had more time to scrap, why is the scrapping community going nuts over twitter and facebook? I find it such a distraction (and yes, a little bit addictive)

  52. Susan Spiers

    What or who determines the amount of tweets I can tweet?

  53. Jenny

    What’s the difference between Twitter and Facebook? I’m already on Facebook. Why would I need/want to do both?

  54. Adriana

    I don’t know much about twitter… my biggest question would be why would someone bother to write such a short post when there are blogs, where you can also post photos? I’m all about the photos 🙂



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