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This month’s question

Do you use audio or video as part of your memory keeping system? If so, how do you organize your clips?

Simply leave your answer in the comments by 10am central time on Sunday, June 11, 2010 and you’ll be entered to win. This month’s question will help other readers with great ideas for incorporating multimedia into their documentation process!

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  1. Michelle Trunkett


  2. MandaKay

    Unfortunately we have a pretty ancient video camera, so we don’t really organize them at all on line or on the computer – they are on 8MM tapes! I wish to soon be able to get a FLIP camcorder or something simple to video my kids and have them online/on computer! Thanks for the opportunity of the gift card!

  3. Gina

    I take video clips of the family a lot. I always have them in folders with Specific Months. Kinda like this…

    2010 >

    you get the idea hehe. Then I make sure the file names have the dates on them (ex. 10 July 2010 VIDEO 01 )

    It works best for me, because once I want to make a dvd with all of them after the year, I have them already in order and it’s just a matter of drag & dropping.

  4. Philippa

    if i am doing video i will often say a little something at the beginning or end of the clip about the thing i was shooting, which i later edit out, also use the voice memo function on my iphone for taking voice notes of a funny thing my son did to record for later, these all go in a special notes folder i keep with my scrapping stuff

  5. Amelia

    We just started doing video clips to document with the arrival of our first born. However, they are honestly downloaded on our computer, uploaded on the blog occasionally and not done much else with! That should change, though….

  6. Jenn

    We take a lot of video with our digital camera and with our Flip video camera. For the moment I just put them into the folders with the photos for that month, I’ve not yet found a good way to ‘scrap’ them. I do upload to youTube for the grandparents to see, and add titles and stuff there. Since we’re headed home to visit the folks soon, I should put them all on a DVD or something. Thanks for the motivation!

  7. Katie

    I keep my videos in folders by year and then inside that by month. I have a pretty good memory so I can easily find stuff.

  8. EBPitcher

    They are at least downloaded to the computer, organized by date and backed up. Sometimes clips make it onto the blog. I need to burn a DVD, I think.

  9. Nikki O

    We have a video camera, but (I hate to admit it) we use it more for work purposes. I take videos of our daughter with my digital camera mostly; it’s always handy, whereas the video camera isn’t.

    Organization … well, all the videos get chucked into a separate folder … and that’s about it. I’ll definitely be reading through the comments for help on this, lol!

  10. Christelle

    I have so few videos that they are easy to keep track of. Maybe I should get a system in place before there are too many!

  11. Monique

    No I don’t. I never even thought of adding audio or video – especially since I still hope to eventually print out my layouts and don’t know how that would go if I had something none printable on the layout (like audio/video).

  12. Candi1973 in Colorado

    I definitely take lots of videos of my family. However, I file them exactly as I do my photos, which is by the date (or date range) taken. I am very interested to start reading all of these comments to see if I can find a better way. I know I should probably be saving my videos separetely, but just never have!

    You always ask us the best questions! 🙂

  13. Kristy

    I do take videos. I make one DVD for each year. Until I make it, I keep the files in date order to make it easy when it’s time!

  14. Michelle huegel

    I do take video clips sometimes with my camera, but they just end up dumped in the pics folder, maybe shared on Facebook or my Shutterfly share site but that’s it. Would love ideas on how to incorporate video into digital memory keeping!

  15. Alice

    I don’t use audio or video as a method of recording, but I would love to!!

  16. cherylzyx

    I don’t use audio or video. I don’t really have an interest in it either. I’ll keep my layouts silent. 🙂

  17. Jennifer

    Every once in a while I’ll upload a short video clip to my blog, but I can honestly say I don’t do it enough. I’m all about the still pics, but know I’ll miss the moving ones if I don’t get better at this.

  18. Noël

    I have audio & video which I store on my camera, but I really have not means of organization, other then by date.

  19. breeoxd

    As a family we use the flip to add video to things. Actually, i dont really use it, I stick to the pic part of it. BUT my hunny is in charge of video and he gathers all of my photos, his video, and adds text and music to make his own “video scrapbook” its great cause we get to bond through it all, it keeps him busy while im taking the 50th pic of the washington monument, and then when he puts it all together he uploads to youtube so the whole family can share! then it gets backed up with mozy 🙂

  20. Jen

    My oldest digital camera has very poor video – so I used that sparingly. The videos I did get went into their own folder (all my photos are first organized by which camera I used – so the folder for the videos went into the Kodak folder). A newer camera had slightly better video, but not enough that I wanted to use it to preserve memories – so again, I used it sparingly. Any video I got went into it’s own folder (inside the Nikon folder) and also had the date added since I learned it didn’t imprint that info on the video info. I’m excited though because my next purchase will be a new DSLR that also has awesome video capabilities. I’ll probably continue what I’ve done and stick an extra folder for videos into the Canon folder I’ll create 😀

  21. Keely

    I don’t really do video but my husband and kids are getting in on that aspect. I just put all the movies together in my yearly picture file.

  22. Melissa Rhodes

    I did before I dropped my camera in the river. I organized them by date to make it easier to recall when it was done. In their own folder as well.

  23. Debra E

    I don’t use audio or video. So far it just hasn’t appealed to me.

  24. LinaH

    I do use video from my camera but I don’t have any special way of organizing them. They just get filed away by date. I’d love to catergorize them better. the latest one is of my 6-year old skateboarding for the first time!

  25. DJ

    Sounds like I’m pretty typical, I take a few video clips and file them in a folder called ‘videos’ with subfolders by date. I’d really love to get some edited and combined, and set to music to make a DVD-ah time-I never seem to have enough.

  26. Cathy

    I don’t take much video now that the kids are grown. But I wish I’d been able to catalog some of the sound when I was videotaping the kids – they said some pretty cute things. Thanks for the idea.

  27. Krista

    I make video with my camera, so I save them by date with the pictures. I too really would love the time to edit and boil them down to a DVD:)

  28. Davita

    We don’t have many videos but what we have is on the computer and organized by year then by month.

  29. RKSP

    I organize my video clips in the same way that I organize my photos–by date (one folder for each month of a year) and rename the file to include the date and time. I have plans on editing the videos together to give year in review, etc, to put on DVD, but for now they just sit on my hard drive, unfortunately.

  30. Nickolette

    I store all of my video separately under a Video file…probably they should be stored with my pictures which are done by year! But perhaps that’s another project! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  31. rags

    Like most, I take videos but haven’t done anything special with them as I never have time to edit. Love hearing everyone’s ideas. I would especially like to hear from anyone who uses voice recognition software to put words into text as even just making journaling notes these days is getting harder and harder. I’m thinking of going back to the old dictaphone … ah, those were the days! lol.

  32. Lynn

    No, we don’t even have a video camera! I think that if/when we have children we will get one, and I will do some recording then. But for now, photos are good enough for us.

  33. La'Shawn

    Yes, I do use video in my memory keeping. I use my camcorder (when I think to pull it out) then put it on the computer or my actual camera (because it goes everywhere with me). The videos get organized along with my videos. I like to keep everything by year and then by month. That way I can always go back and know exactly when it happened.

  34. anna

    Not really – kinda sad!

  35. Christne H

    My Nikon Coolpix camera has a great feature that allows me to record audio comments with my photos. I’m starting to use it to record those details that I want to remember about a moment in time so when I go to scrap them I have good details to journal. The clips are stored with a file name related to the photo’s file name, so I have them stored together in my files by event or month (depending on how many photos are grouped together)

  36. Carole N.

    I don’t do videos. Being a grandma to two teens I wish I could or wish I could have when their dad and they were young so I could have recorded some of the cute/funny things they said….like the time my grandson told me I needed to dye my hair because it looked too much like Santa’s beard. ROFLOL

  37. Denise T

    No not at this time although if I had a video recorder I would probably do video.

  38. Amalia

    Hi, I know I’m late, but I wanted to share what I do with videos and music. Yearly (and on special occasions), I prepare a “best year” pictures and videos video of both my daughters. I have lots of fun and Nicole (my 3 year old) helped me with hers and her sisters (Chiara, shes one), and we have lots of fun. I save them in a separate file, with all the pictures and videos I used, so I can modify the video later. I duplicate the pictures and the videos, but the result is worth it!!! I hope this was what you were referring to!!!! See you on the chat room tomorrow!!!!!


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