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A few days ago I received a reader comment on a post I wrote for Complete Organizing Solutions. Her idea and advice was so brilliant, I thought I would share it here today. Martha writes:

When my kids were younger, I’d give them each about 20 scrapbook pages tied together with yarn for their very own scrapbooks [at the beginning of the summer]. I’d collect cheap cute stickers, dollar store scrapbook items, crayons and construction paper for their “supplies.” They would decorate the front page for a cover, and to start their book I’d make up little “about me” question sheets for them to fill out along with some first day of summer photos.

Buying postcards, menus, etc. from everywhere we went became a must for their books (and made super cheap souvenirs too!). I also encouraged journaling to go with their photos. I would just use the best of the best photos in mine and let the kids all split up the rest and decorate to their liking. We had a great time working together, and those scrapbooks of theirs are one of the most priceless mementos I have from their childhoods!

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