6 secrets to managing your scrapbook time

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Time and running out of adhesive (or hard drive space) are a scrapbooker’s biggest foes. Unlike the latter however, you can’t just run out to the store for more. You have to make the most of what you’ve been given and its easier than you think.

In this post, I will share 6 simple secrets to managing your time to help you be a more productive and happier scrapbooker! It’s not just about finding more time, but finding your own balance to get the most out of the time you have!

1. Use a timer – Ever been saved by the bell? Use a timer to learn what 15 minutes feels like and improve how you structure and use blocks of time. You can keep yourself on your toes and high-functioning by racing to beat the clock.

2. Rely on your family – I count on my husband and kids to both encourage me to pursue my hobbies and keep me honest about how much time I’m actually spending. While there are often subtle signs, it doesn’t hurt to communicate with your loved ones about your goals.

3. Centralize your list – We are all guilty of having a to-do list on the computer, another at home and a few stray sticky notes. Pick the mode that works best for you and manage all of your time in that place. You’ll be more prepared to shuffle changes on the fly and still eek out 30 minutes to scrap.

4. Batch process – I wholeheartedly advocate doing routine tasks with regularity, but its probably not necessary to offload photos daily. Group like activities into a time chunk so you can really dive in and make progress.

5. Remove distractions – As much as I love podcasts (and talk radio and TV and…), I find that the spoken word stifles my creative energy. If you must have background noise while scrapbooking, choose music that builds you up and enhances your focus,

6. Find an assistant – While hiring a flesh & blood helper may not be possible, there are so many tools that might be just as effective. Online sites and apps exist for the sole purpose of keeping track of your time, so you don’t have to. Lean on them!

Consider these paths towards better time management and then use baby steps to implement the strategies that work for you.

Are there other tools that you use to manage your time? I would love to hear about the approaches you use to make scrapbooking fit into your life.

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  1. Lois

    I just thought about this today. Yes, set a set amount of time and a timer, make an ongoing little list of just my scrapping stuff, and don’t watch tv, listen to podcasts etc. They do distract me. I have headphones on now for listening to music. Thanks for these tips!

    • Teaching Assistant - Kim Edsen

      Lois, I’m with you…I don’t know how people listen to podcasts or watch YouTube while they scrapbook…maybe I just can’t multi-task, but before long I find I’m doing one or the other – but not both!



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