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I’m so excited to have a fun quickie giveaway from MyPicTales today! You have a chance to win one of 3 great prizes!

  • Free 8×8, Standard Cover Photobook, 20 Pages
  • Free 8.5×11 Center-Fold Calendar
  • Free 5×7 Wire-Bound Brag Book

To enter, leave a comment telling us what gifts you plan on giving this year. Post by 11:59pm Eastern on Tuesday, October 19. Also, make sure to follow MyPicTales on Facebook for more great giveaways through the end of the year!

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  1. Melissa Shanhun

    I’m going to be doing a calendar this year, if it get it finished in time! lol

  2. Amelia

    I am going to do a family calendar (like I do every year…) along with a book for my Father in Law’s mission trip and some scrapped garland for my mom and MIL. Thanks for the great chance!

  3. arimacias

    i am planning to make a grandchildren 8×8 for my mother in law. she has mellowed out a bit in her old age and is actually ok to get along with now:)

  4. Teri Merkins

    I’m doing some photo collages and mini books.

  5. Candie

    I’m making lots of photobooks to give as gifts this year.

  6. Amber

    Calendars and perhaps a few bookmarks and ATCs.

  7. Nikki

    Hopefully 2 photobooks and a calendar… if I can get organised. 🙂

  8. Alyna

    I’m trying to get some calendars done. They are always great gifts!

  9. Becky

    Other than calenders (started last year) and some pictures, I don’t have a lot planned yet.

  10. Laser

    Hoping to finish up calendars for each of my married kids. Also am always working on albums but not sure I will have time to coplete before Christmas

  11. Donna U

    Right now I am making some mini books for gifts

  12. Stacy

    I make my mom a calendar every year. Now that my DD is in school, I’m looking at some new ideas for her teachers…just haven’t decided what yet. And as for non-scrapbook gifts, I’ve been working on a few stockings for nearly 5 years…I might actually get them finished since I have some alone time again!!!

  13. Mandy

    I always do calendars for my and my husband’s moms and our grandmothers. My mom and grandma both say they don’t care what else they get as long as they get their calendars!

  14. Karen G

    Gifts…you mean Christmas is coming. 🙂 Seriously I still am searching and looking for ideas. I do know I will make a calendar for my sister, but that is all I know yet. Yikes.

  15. belle007

    I am planning on making a calendar. Right now I’m in the process of gathering photos from all of the extended family members.

  16. Mandy R

    I usually do desk calendars, but I’m think I might do something different this year. Or, I ‘ll forget and just have to make desk calendars anyway.

  17. Jaclyn F.

    I’m giving the kids’ great grandma a photo book of her yearly visit up here and recipe books for my sisters and sister in-law.

  18. CRaftyCat

    I plan on making 2011 calendars and also customized mini notebooks decorated and tabbed and include different questions within the notebook the person can use as a journal prompt. Stamped images throughout notebook too.

  19. Justasiam

    I am considering a hardcover coffee table photo scrapbook for my parents…it will be the first one ever for me if I do.

  20. Jenn Smith Sloane

    This year I plan on making a small mini album of 2010 for my Mother In Law. She lives quite a ways from us and this helps her “live” with us.

  21. Candi1973 in Colorado

    it is my GOAL to make photo books for my Mom, Sister, and a few other close family members. I hope I can do it, we’ll see. If the books seem to be too big of a challenge, I plan on making each a personalized calendar.

    My sister gave me a photobook last year for Christmas and it brought me to tears! It truly was the most special gift ever!!!!



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