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I was surprised by how few products exist for documenting infertility, particularly since it impacts so many women. Perhaps this fact is simply a reflection on existing social norms that require “hush hush” treatment for many difficult life challenges, norms the Internet has only begun to alter. Or maybe it reflects that so many scrapbookers find personal journaling the largest memory keeping hurdle of all.

While many multi-purpose supplies with flowers and butterflies can embellish our stories, sometimes theme-specific supplies help you describe deep feelings and difficult experiences when the words are a challenge to write. This post will highlight a range of products and share some beautiful pages that will assist in scrapbooking your journey to motherhood.

Digital Supplies

Hope’s Journey w/ Infertility Add-On by Melissa Bennett
A beautiful collection with infertility-specific word art.

9 out of 10 Doctors Agree by Libby Weifenbach
Includes a thermometer, prescription bottle, pills and the word “broken”.

Fix Me Up Doc by Kristin Aagard
A large kit containing medical-themed supplies, including a syringe for documenting injectable drugs.

Motherhood by ViVa Artistry
This kit celebrates the love you’re storing up inside for that wished-for little one.

Written in the Clouds by Laura Banasiak
I love this touching tribute to love and loss – straight from the heart.

Rock the Cradle by Bella Gypsy
This brightly-colored kit has a test where you could easily erase the positive line and some applicable word art.

Ouchies from Creations by Rachael
I love how the papers are on the side of neutral, especially with all the colorful embellishments.

Dreaming word art by Sahlin Studio
The purples in this set of word art are perfect for expressing the sadness and the hope of your dreams.

Doctor, Doctor by Kate Hadfield
These classic doodles are perfect for a page full of journaling.

While My Little One Sleeps from Designs by Helly
A lovely set of supplies for documenting the story of loss.

Fresh Start by Ashalee Wall
I love how this moody kit combines simple elements and artistic backgrounds.

Black & Blue by Stolen Moments & Plum Dumpling Designs
The more subtle themed graphics make this kit a classy winner!

Gallery Examples

Despite there being more digital than paper products for scrapbooking this topic, it appears traditional scrappers are a little more comfortable with journaling on hard subjects like infertility. I will let these beautiful pages speak for themselves!

Hope and Trust by *lifeisgood*

31 Lessons by volgirl

Find my Family by NoraScrapsMac

Hopeful by rnjetta

Infertility Album by the_carrottop

Sometimes I Struggle by KimA

*Empty* by SparksforArt

You might also be interested in checking out this post at The Daily Digi, for ideas and inspirational layouts on scrapbooking adoption.


Since there are so few scrapbook products for infertility, let’s brainstorm what you’d like to see. Maybe a digital designer will take up the challenge. Here’s a start below, what would you add?

  • negative pregnancy test
  • BBT thermometer / chart
  • pills / pill bottle
  • needle & syringe
  • dr’s orders / checklist
  • calendar / date stamps
  • female in hospital gown
  • sadness/optimism word art
  • ???

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  1. Sarah Giles

    Just wanted to say thank you for this post – the first time I’ve ever seen a scrapbooking product relating to PCOS! 😀

  2. Beth H

    Funny that you should post this, I have a kit in the works that directly relates to this. I feel the same way you do, that it’s been HUSH HUSH too long. I’ve had 3 people tell me not to do it, no one will scrap with it..but even if no one ever least it’s out there, and maybe it will open someones eyes to see it.

  3. Bianca - ProjectB

    I might be able to pour my heart into a kit on baby loss someday…
    Thanks for inspiring us!



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