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Celebrate Monday | Celebrate Memories

Jennifer Wilson

I’m your guide here at Simple Scrapper. Our community helps people find what fills you up and fits your life in memory keeping.

September 26, 2011

Welcome to the all new Celebrate Monday. We’ve retooled the feature to help you become a better memory keeper (with a focus on journaling) plus made it even easier to participate!

Celebrate Monday is a weekly journaling exercise designed to help you get back to basics and find more joy in your memory keeping.

Each week we’ll give you a prompt and you’ll be asked to select a story from your everyday life to share with us in the comments.

The idea is simple! Strip away the extras for a small moment to practice writing and center yourself on what is most important: the memory.

This week’s prompt:

favorite fall traditions

My Monday Memory

I am not really much of a sports fan, but there is something about football in the fall that signals my body and mind to shift gears. From all those Friday nights in high school to the Saturday afternoon viewing parties of today, football season marks a time of friendship and fun that even this homebody looks forward to. Even more than football however, is a true seasonal love: festivals. There is nothing that makes me happier than walking around a fall festival, feeling the crisp air on my face and feeling grounded in the ‘right now’.

How to Participate

  1. Select a favorite story, from past or present, related to the prompt.
  2. Share the memory by journaling in the comments on this post.
  3. Spread the celebration by commenting on stories from others.

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  1. Jane

    Halloween as a kid. I have 4 older brothers and it was always their responsibility to walk with me around the neighborhood. Then when they got too old to trick or treat one of them would get me dressed up and send me out then I would go back home and he would change me into another costume and send me back out! All so he could get candy! The funny part was our neighbors still knew it was me.

  2. Melissa

    Well I’m in spring here, but I’ve got a couple of memories from this time of year. One is having a joint birthday celebration barbecue with my Dad and his siblings. My Nan’s not a big football fan, so never seems to realise that the AFL finals (or on occasion the Grand Final) is on! She’s lucky that anyone comes as we have a lot of ALF fans in our family!

  3. Diane Standish

    Reading the prompt, I am taken back to my childhood when my dad raked the leaves in the yard- the smell of the leaves is registered in my mind forever. As soo as he had a pile, we jumped into them! I also used the leaves to make an outline of a play house in the yard.


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