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Welcome to the all new Celebrate Monday. We’ve retooled the feature to help you become a better memory keeper (with a focus on journaling) plus made it even easier to participate!

Celebrate Monday is a weekly journaling exercise designed to help you get back to basics and find more joy in your memory keeping.

Each week we’ll give you a prompt and you’ll be asked to select a story from your everyday life to share with us in the comments.

The idea is simple! Strip away the extras for a small moment to practice writing and center yourself on what is most important: the memory.

This week’s prompt:

one year ago

My Monday Memory

One year ago I was giving myself injections and buying pregnancy tests a dozen at a time. One year ago many of my thoughts, feelings and actions were consumed with this time- and emotion-intensive process of making the baby we wanted so badly. One year ago, the baby I now hold in my arms was only a dream in my heart.

How to Participate

  1. Select a favorite story, from past or present, related to the prompt.
  2. Share the memory by journaling in the comments on this post.
  3. Spread the celebration by commenting on stories from others.

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  1. RH

    One year ago….
    At Mom’s request, we all took her and her pet labrador to the Blessing of the Animals outdoor service at her church. It was a lovely day with some humorous pet antics. Little did we know Mom would be gone in a month. “We” had been fighting her cancer since May, and the cancer was winning.
    I was trying to help Mom, start a new year of homeschool, and have a life. It was a very hard time. However, knowing Mom’s cancer was stage IV, I took advantage of being with her as much as I could and we shared extra closeness in her last days. One year ago I was not yet an “orphan”. I miss my Mom.


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