A Small Way to Be Stress-Free. It’s BIG!

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It’s here! If you just want to jump to the juicy part, check it out now.

A year ago I decided to take a big step and begin offering more classes and downloadable products here at Simple Scrapper. Fast forward to this summer and I was starting to feel like “it’s all too much”. I realized the path I was on was taking me away from scrapbooking. I was no longer walking my talk when it came to simplicity.

I knew something had to change in a big way.

I brainstormed ways to streamline and simplify while still helping scrapbookers find solutions to their memory keeping challenges. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could make it easy for you to walk the simplicity talk too. I searched for a way to put the most helpful tools for stress-free memory keeping in your hands while also guiding you towards a more meaningful and fulfilling experience.

So I shut off enrollment in my courses and closed down the shop.

And today I’m excited to announce that we have just one purchase option here at Simple Scrapper: the Premium Membership. For the price of a pumpkin spice latte (and a small one-time enrollment fee), you can enjoy exclusive membership benefits month after month. I’ll be putting my heart and soul into creating amazing content and downloads for keeping YOUR scrapbooking (and your life) simple! If this sounds interesting, click the button below to learn more about the program.

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We believe simple is not how your page looks, but how your scrapbooking hobby works. We have a free workshop called SPARKED and it is the best way to learn more about Simple Scrapper and start creating consistently.

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  1. Katie

    Oh geez I totally forgot to email for one of those codes, just too much going on with Halloween weekend and it slipped my mind. Bummer!


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