Yes I know, I know. Life is always busy. There are times though, when it is more busy, more crazy and more hectic than normal. From travel to family obligations to illness, there are times in life when we are thrown from our routines.

Scrapbooking, like other creative outlets and voluntary self-care practices, is often one of the first things to get pushed aside. This is normal and actually, helpful for recognizing what is essential. There is nothing like chaos to help you find out what is really important.

It is during the busiest of days that we can best see the difference between scrapbooking and memory keeping. While you can’t find time to sit down long enough to create a page, you can still be documenting the moments of your life.

Tips for Memory Keeping When Life is Unbalanced

Keep your camera close. Take photos, but do not worry about editing or printing them. Share with friends if it is therapeutic, but take them for you and not out of obligation.

Keep a pen closer. When life is too messy to photograph, make sure you still capture your thoughts by hand or digitally. Even just a quick status update will help you capture what right now is like for you.

Relax and don’t stress. Focus on being present for what is at hand and soaking in the memory. You will be able to document this time with more meaning if you are fully experiencing it in the present. This is not the time to feel stressed or guilty about scrapbooking.

Don’t tune out. When things are hectic, it is tempting to waste a free moment of downtime on trashy TV or mindless web surfing. You’ll find much more restoration from taking just a few moments to take care of yourself and your soul. This might even include some scrapbooking.

How do you handle memory keeping and scrapbooking when life is busier than normal? What is bare minimum for you? Does scrapbooking help you cope or does it get in the way? Share your perspective in the comments.