Congratulations to the winners of our Memory Logbook giveaway!

The winner of a 2013 Memory Logbook: Page-A-Day Edition (Print-Only PDF) is… #9

Sheri, who said “My journaling tip is to figure out a way that works for you and just do it. It could be a daily calendar where you write your thoughts, an online journal to type in notes every day or OhLife a daily email reminder. I had to discover which form worked the best for me and then make a habit of just doing it!”

The winner of a 2013 Memory Logbook: Page-A-Day Edition (Fillable PDF) is… #56

Gina L, who said “My tip is write it down to remember, but when putting it in your scrapbook, use your own handwriting at least sometimes. Future generations will love to see your handwriting, whether good or bad. It helps make a connection to who you are.”

The winner of $5 credit toward any 2013 Memory Logbook: Page-A-Day Edition is… #34

TJ Jay, who said “I write letters to my children several times each year. This becomes the journaling for one of my favorite photos.”

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