With so many memories whizzing by each day, it can be difficult to keep track of all the stories you want to remember. Not all will be scrapbook-worthy but you need a single place to write and record.

For the past three years Kristin Rutten has offered this place to document your memories with her Memory Logbook.ย This year, Kristin has created several different editions to meet a wider range of needs. Check out this comparison chart to see the options.

What I Love About the Logbook

This is the third time I’ve reviewed the Memory Logbook (see 2010 and 2011 reviews). With all the creative support in our community, I deeply appreciate how Kristin has focused on offering a truly practical solution for the problem of journaling.

I took a look at the Page-A-Day Memory Logbook this year, but the core components that strike a chord with me exist in each edition.

I love how the Logbook gives me a specific space to record memories without worrying about making it pretty.

I love how a return to pen and paper can make you more deliberate in thought and action.ย 

I love that the Logbook offers plenty of space for additional notes, lists and monthly recaps

I love seeing the Logbook evolve year to year to meet ever-changing customer needs and desires.

Using the Page-A-Day Memory Logbook

While there are an array of sizes and print formats, this year’s Logbook series comes in four editions: Page-A-Day, Photo-A-Day, Project Life Compatible and All-in-One.

The Page-A-Day Edition is the most similar to previous years and is the most versatile. Each daily page includes a lined area, three blank boxes, and a top five list. I’ve embedded a tour of the Page-A-Day Edition.

The variety of spaces on each page make it easy to customize the Logbook for your own needs. You can use it just for memory keeping or also for daily note-taking, calendaring and planning. This edition comes as a two book set to cover the entire year.

I believe the most meaningful scrapbooking combines reflection with in-the-moment anecdotes. The Memory Logbook helps you keep those stories safe for later reflection and scrapbooking.

Special Offer

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