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The first time I did December Daily I didn’t finish until September of the following year. By then I had forgotten most of the creative ideas I had as well as many of the stories I wanted to document. While the project turned out just fine, it lacked the slice of life feeling you get from finishing promptly. You also don’t get that mojo boost from having something big under your belt right away in January.

Thus, it was important to me to wrap up the 2012 album right after the holidays. We were traveling for the latter part of the month and it didn’t make sense to scrap on-the-go. I had Days 20-25 left and finished in about ninety minutes today. Working on several days at a time seems to always go faster than if you did each one separately.

If you’re still working on your December Daily, you’ll really thank yourself if you dig in and get it done. Here’s how:

1. Assess what’s left to do. Take a bird’s eye view and gather your remaining supplies together.

2. Select, edit, print your photos. For mini books I definitely prefer to have all my photos out and ready to go.

3. Make a micro kit for each page. I like to spread out the photos in order and include any special additions with them in a pile, like number tags or paper scraps.

4. Complete one page at a time. When you dig into the do part, don’t think about what’s left. Focus on what’s in front of you.

Completed 2012 December Daily Project

December Daily 039

December Daily 040

December Daily 041

December Daily 042

December Daily 043

December Daily 044

December Daily 045

December Daily 046

December Daily 047

December Daily 048

December Daily 049

December Daily 050

December Daily 051

December Daily 052

December Daily 053

December Daily 054

December Daily 055

December Daily 056

December Daily 057

December Daily 058

December Daily 059

December Daily 060

December Daily 061

December Daily 062

December Daily 063

December Daily 064

December Daily 065

December Daily 066

How’s your project coming along? If you’re still working, leave a comment below with the next action you need to take.

How to Finish Your December Daily Project from Simple Scrapper

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  1. Katherine McKamey

    I need to finish printing out my photos so I can get them all on the right pages. Since we took a minimalist route for decor this year I don’t have as many photos of the house as I have in the past. That’s okay- there are enough. I just have to get them printed. : )

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      We were pretty low key on the decor this year too. I had two photos in that realm this year and one was the intentionally out-of-focus tree. My first paper DD had only 15 photos total. You can fill in any blanks with journaling, memorabilia etc.

  2. Crystal

    This is kind of embarrassing to write – but I spent a good part of today working on last year’s (yeah, think 2011) album! Luckily I had kept great notes and so I’m able to tell the stories. I love having the December Daily albums to look back on so I am determined to complete this – and then finish my 2012 one. It’s been a great day!

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      Not embarrassing at all Crystal – but an accomplishment to celebrate! I hope this win will give you the momentum to dive into finishing 2012.

  3. Karen

    I finished my Wednesday night and put the last few pages up on my blog Thursday. I ended with Christmas Day this year. I used a Simple Stories album and just love how it worked out.

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      By Christmas Day I am totally ready for it to be done too. Love your album Karen – super cute!

  4. Kelly S

    I always have good intentions of doing an actual December Daily, but it ends up being more of a Christmas album. I love putting all of my holiday photos together. I am almost finished with this year’s album–I have all the pics in place and most of the embellishments, but there are a few things I still want to put in. I will hopefully get to that this week!

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      Mine is totally not daily and somewhat not even chronological. I did two days at a time for the most part and then two batches of five days at a time. It’s more of a top 25 of the season, especially towards the beginning when there isn’t as much going on. Towards the end it gets more chronological.

      Looking back and forward, I can see that a Christmas album (in a bigger sense) makes a lot of sense. There are so much photos I didn’t have room to include that will need to go somewhere else.

      Wishing you scrappy thoughts as you finish up!

  5. Vonda

    I recently received your welcome e-mail with the 101 ways to make more time to scrapbook and your ideas really resonated with me. In particular it made me think about my unfinished December Daily – that I call 25 memories of December for 2012 album. I had really gotten bummed with myself about totally losing interest in this project again, even though I had printed or gathered all of the pictures I planned to use and mostly kept up with the journaling during December. I just was having trouble making time to sit down and work on it, even though I would love to have the album finished. Your 101 ways inspired me to layout the pictures I want to use and get it started. I hope to finish this month with a long weekend coming up.

  6. Tracy :)

    Another great album.
    Your little one is just so adorable.

  7. Amanda Wilder

    Hi Jennifer, I just love your style. I got into scrapping last year via a Christmas gift from my aunt, and I have become total convert this year. So excited about doing my first December daily this year. Can you tell me where you got the big white letters? I lover large thickers/lettering, but I don’t find so many. Thanks for the inspiration and any info!

    • Jennifer

      Those are the American Crafts Shoebox white glitter Thickers.

  8. kelly polizzi

    love your album! i was wondering how you printed your photos with a white border?

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Those images were all printed using my Canon Selphy 900 with the border setting turned on. So it printed a 4×4 image with a border on a 4×6 print, and then I cropped off the sides.

  9. kelly polizzi

    thanks for the reply. i figured it must be your printer. i just love that bordered look for journals and scrapbooks. You are very good at what you do and im thankful that you take the time to share with us so we can be inspired!

  10. kelly polizzi

    btw do you have any posts that im missing on how to create one of these awesome books? I can tell you trimmed cardstock and other bits and bobs and hole punched them but i would love to see it all get put together and filled.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      No, I didn’t share any step-by-step photos for this project. The 6×6 album and embellishments were included in a kit I sold that year.

  11. kelly polizzi

    oh i would have LOVED that album. Too bad i missed out!

  12. Ruth Tacoma

    Cute album! I’m not sure how an older post came across my feed today, but it was fun to read and I love your album. I have just December 29-31 to finish. December 29 was our family party, so I am having a hard time narrowing it to my ‘highlights’. Sooooooooo close!



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