Turning Over a New Leaf

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This post, from January 2013, announced our re-launch. It also serves as a simple manifesto for what we do and believe here at Simple Scrapper. 


We all found scrapbooking in different ways, but we stayed because the idea of creative memory keeping resonated. We wanted to do more with our photos than just share on Facebook or place in a photo album. But it’s hard to keep up with the trends and the products and well, everything.

I started Simple Scrapper with a single vision – to help you save time and scrapbook more in a fast moving world. I saw great potential in teaching you in an online setting. I saw techniques that could help you fit scrapbooking into everyday life. I saw new tools and products that would appeal to your more modern taste. Now in our fifth year, I see that it’s time to grow and change.

Simple Scrapper is no longer one of a handful of websites about scrapbooking. It seems like everyone wants to teach and share and help you. As a scrapbooker, I know how overwhelming it can be to feel bombarded with read this, buy that. There is a lot of good stuff, but there is also a lot of noise. At Simple Scrapper, I’m sure we’ve even contributed to it despite best efforts not to.

I’m excited to announce a re-designed Simple Scrapper, inside and out. I’ve refined and streamlined so you can access our archive of insightful articles as easily as you can know how Simple Scrapper can help you. We’ve de-cluttered and recommitted to helping you do the same. Our core philosophy is not changing, but our efforts will be even more focused on helping you do and act.

Simple Scrapper would love to be your antidote to the distractions and noise. With a new membership program for 2013, we’re embracing less is more and challenging you to join us in saying enough.

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We believe simple is not how your page looks, but how your scrapbooking hobby works. We have a free workshop called SPARKED and it is the best way to learn more about Simple Scrapper and start creating consistently.


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