WPT#14: Step into the Connection Zone (VIDEO)

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The Weekly Pep Talk is a video podcast series designed to help you find more time for scrapbooking and use it well. Learn more in our free guide.


In this week’s pep talk, I’m encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone and move into the connection zone to find more energy and excitement about your scrapbooking. Subscribers may need to visit the website to view the video.

Your Weekly Pep Talk

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It’s your turn to talk! Do you ever hold back or resist a fun opportunity out of fear of rejection? Leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

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  1. Carol Eason

    I don’t resist, and I don’t think I hold back – but WAIT ! I have other reasons — OR ARE THEY EXCUSES ???????
    e.g. Not having enough time to ‘engage’ in discussions re: my passion of scrapbooking — Do I perceive less time than what I really have? Am I ‘s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d’ from worrying about bill payments, health or other family issues ? Do I feel guilty taking time for myself – engaging in my hobby, vs. cooking, cleaning, spending time with family in leisure activites? 1) yes, 2) probably, but don’t consciously think so, 3) most likely – yes – but never realize this is holding me back, since I’m also a mom (need I say more?).

  2. Tammy

    Your pep talk this week really struck home with me. One of the things I loved about paper scrapping was getting together with friends. When I started digi scrapping, I lost that connection & feedback.
    I’ve visited some forums, but haven’t really put my heart into getting to know people. It is a much different style than connecting on something like Facebook and takes some getting used to.
    Thank you for your encouragement!


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