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Memory keeping in the summer is a little different – a bit looser and more on-the-fly. I seem to be taking more photos than ever, especially with my phone, but I’m more focused on recording than traditional scrapbooking. This also means I’m spending more time sharing and seeking inspiration from Instagram.

Instagram is a photo-based social network that continues to increase in popularity. I’m hearing more and more scrapbookers say that much of their interaction now occurs surrounding photos there. Those facts combined are why I choose to test out Instagram as a connection hub for Stories of the Summer.

Class participants are invited to share their summer photos on Instagram with the #summerstories hashtag. A hashtag is like a call sign or code that links images together surrounding a theme. Some participants are even using the digital stamps I created to embellish their photos.

Here’s a small selection of images shared using the hashtag recently, including one of my husband grilling… in the rain!

aimeemaddern amytschubert jenniferswilson
mellybird michelezh winkasheart
Photo Credits: @aimeemaddern | @amytschubert | @jenniferswilson | @mellybird | @michelezh | @winkasheart

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