WPT#22: Anatomy of a Scrapbook Haul (VIDEO)

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In this week’s pep talk, my first-ever haul video, I’m sharing a recent purchase from Simon Says Stamp and explaining why I choose each product. Thinking critically about purchases, beyond face-value, is important for strengthening your creative process and ensuring you don’t drown in unused stash.

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It’s your turn to talk! We’ve all purchased items that were pretty, but we couldn’t figure out how to use. Understanding your process offers a better match between purchase and usage. What was the last item you purchased? Do you know why you bought it?

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  1. Christy S. (@PaperScientist)

    I used to buy more randomly. Now that I consider myself a more confident scrapbooker, I know more of the things I will really use.

  2. Francine Seal

    Now days I tend to buy more for specific projects. I’m very much into cards and am starting the Christmas season now. In August I’ll buy a lot of product from PaperWishes once their Week-of-Christmas-Cards show debuts and I buy what I need for them. That always gives me extra papers, ribbons and die-cuts. When I hit a brick-and-mortar store (not literally, of course) I’m usually out to get more adhesive and perhaps looking for a stamp. I really would like to stamp more but I need to figure out how I can keep them more readily accessible in my craft room.

  3. Lisa Jacobe

    At first I didn’t think I would really be interested in this particular pep talk being that I am a digi gal, but it really hit home with me! I just realized that I buy based on the pretty factor, and not necessarily my scrapping style. I am really attracted to pretty color combinations, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those supplies will work for me. This would explain why I have a lot of unused product. I am better than when I first started scrapping, I would buy everything that was a “deal”, but now I am really going to put much more thought into my purchases.

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      So glad you went ahead and listened Lisa! Hope it helps. =)

      • Lisa Jacobe

        It also made me want to play with paper and scissors…and thickers! I would never give up digi, but I think I see hybrid in my future, or playing with paper every now and then. 😀

  4. Kelly Kirkland

    I have been mainly purchasing my kit from my Local Shop but I open it while there and add to it. I find this helps me to have enough of what I want and a chance to see what exactly I am buying! There are things in there that may be new to me but at least I am in the right place if I have any questions about how to use the supplies. And because there are new things in the kit I may not have picked out myself, it gives me a chance to try out new papers, colors or inks. I have rarely been disappointed with the kits.
    Now Jennifer, you have to show us what you made using all of that paper!

  5. Tracy

    I agree with Kelly, I am interested to see what you make with these supplies. Some of them I haven’t used, and I am interested in how the sequins look with staples. Thanks for the video!

  6. Lain

    I enjoy hearing what other people purchase and why. And seeing the process from product to page will be interesting.


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