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In just a couple of weeks, my first-ever workshop at Big Picture Classes will begin. I’m beyond excited to share brand new layouts and my left-brained approaches to scrapbooking with students who join Stacy Julian and I for The Art + Science of Scrapbooking.


What was the inspiration for the workshop?
When I met Stacy, I noticed how two simple scrapbookers could be very different in their personalities and approaches to memory keeping. While we share left- and right-brain traits (as do most people), our natural strengths are less similar. Together, we identified opportunities for learning from each other’s gifts as well as leveraging our unique talents.


Why is it called Art + Science?
The following advertisement from Mercedes very much informed our early discussions about this class. It beautifully illustrates how left-brain dominance is associated with analytical qualities and right-brain dominance with creative. The thing is, science now tells us that we use both sides of the brain for almost everything – including our scrapbooking. Art + Science reflects how understanding and boosting both sides of your brain is essential to creative inspiration and productivity.


What is included in the workshop?
Art + Science features 16 brain-boosting challenges to strengthen your creative process. Stacy and I each provide a challenge for eight parts of your scrapbooking process – and encourage you to tackle the one that feels most difficult! This is a live online workshop, which means that Stacy and I will be on the message boards almost every day guiding you along.

Each of the sixteen workshop challenges features a handout, two sample layouts, and two discussion videos. You’ll also receive several emails each week and have two opportunities to chat live with us! Make sure to watch the video on this page for a sneak peek of some of our pages and examples of our video discussions. And here are a few more sneak peek images.

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What will I get out of the workshop?
Not only will you leave Art + Science with up to 16 completed layouts, you will have a toolbox of insight and approaches to continue growing your skills as a scrapbooker. Engaging in this process will open your mind to creative stretching as well as bolster your confidence.

How long will I get access to the workshop materials?
Big Picture Classes offers forever access to all workshops!


Is there anything else I should know?
Big Picture Classes and I have joined forces to offer a special bonus Simple Scrapper readers who sign up for Art + Science. The details were sent out by email yesterday. Click here to read it.

Click here to register for Art + Science. Class begins September 12.

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