WPT#29: Too Much Clutter to Scrapbook (VIDEO)

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In this week’s pep talk, I’m sharing a simple yet powerful technique to help you overcome clutter challenges and get started scrapbooking.

Your Weekly Pep Talk

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It’s your turn to talk! Does stuff get in the way of your scrapbooking? Leave a comment your biggest “getting started” hurdle. Also, mark your calendar for September 16. In just a few weeks registration will open for our next Stash Bash event!

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  1. Kathy P

    Ha ha….this is SO true! Last spring, just at the beginning of NSD month, I HAD to clean my space! I have too much stuff, and so much old stuff taking up storage space that I can’t find the new stuff, because it’s in boxes. My room really needs to be totally cleaned out and re-started. Your idea is much more do-able for me….I’m going to pick ONE AREA and focus on that each week. Hopefully, I might end up with a much more efficient space! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Marina D-K

    Thank you for the permission to not have everything perfectly arranges before I get started. The weight of not having my scrap area or house picked up before I start can be pretty overwhelming. To set a boundary on what I can be okay with will hopefully help me to feel okay just crating even if everything isn’t in the exact order I want it. Love your pep talks!

  3. fancyscrapper

    This is very helpful! I am applying the same concept with great success in my kitchen. We’ve been in this house for 10 years, and in all that time, I never changed out the shelf paper in my cupboards and drawers. So now, every day that I have the 15 to 30 minutes to work on it, I choose one drawer or one cupboard (sometimes only one SHELF!) to work on. I then empty it out, quickly decided what to throw away, give away, or keep based on what’s used regularly, then pull off the old dated contact paper, clean the space, put down new clean white contact paper, and replace the contents in an orderly fashion.

    I’m a pretty right-brained woman. I love Stacy’s perspective. But I was raised by a left-brained mom, and have two left-brained daughters, so I get that too. I like things to be orderly, but things naturally degenerate. It’s been delightful to hear the comments of my family’s pleasant surprise when they open that pretty new drawer of utensils that all fit so much better (since I took out the “extras”) and looks so much better.

    I had not thought to take the same approach in my studio. I’m loving this, and I think I’ll go make a change in there right now. No time like the present, right? Thanks Jennifer! Good stuff!

  4. Gina Karas

    This is so true for me! I have a very cluttered room at the moment! I’ve been going to crops to get stuff done. I can save money on crop fees if I could just clean off a space at home to get things done!!

  5. Francine Seal

    But, Gina Karas, you might also be going to crops because of the companionship and comradery. It may be that you get ideas from other peoples layouts or they may make suggestions that you like. That could be part of the reason why you don’t clean up your scrap area – then you wouldn’t have an excuse to go to a scrap. Just a thought.

  6. linda

    Yup, I definitely want to feel in control and organized… otherwise it seems like I’m in a mess and I can’t get started. Thanks for the tips!

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