You Can Never Be Totally Organized

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Have you ever taken a photo of a rainbow? It’s beautiful, isn’t it?


As a child you perhaps thought there was a pot of gold at the end. Maybe you even had your parents drive and drive, trying to find it.

Then, as an adult you learned to appreciate the magic in the rainbow itself – that perhaps the rainbow was the gold all along.

For a long time I thought if I just put my projects aside, that I could finally get organized. If I just spent some time, maybe I could find the pot of gold of total organization.

But that time never happened. Sometimes I went on that long drive, but I never quite got there.

For a while I was disappointed and frustrated, but then I wondered if I was looking in the wrong place.


What if I saw organization as a pathway instead of a destination? What if the pot of gold was simply being more organized today than I was yesterday?

This simple mindset shift helped me to spend less time organizing and more time scrapbooking.

I learned that what you need most is not to get totally organized. Instead what you actually need is to get more organized than you are now – to stop looking for the gold and start enjoying the rainbow.

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  1. Jane Thomas

    There is a reason you can never find the end of a rainbow. I always thought as a child you could find it, but I was flying someplace once and looked out the window. There was a double rainbow in the sky and guess what – it was a perfect circle – both of them were. From Earth we can only see part of the rainbow, but from above we see the entire thing and then know the secret of the rainbow.



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