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June 17, 2015

Year after year, your skills as a scrapbooker improve. Perhaps your tastes in products and techniques change and maybe you ebb and flow in the approaches your enjoy.

One thing remains consistent, though, no matter how long you’re a scrapbooker: there’s always stuff to organize! Traditional and digital scrapbookers alike are faced with the challenge of managing the products that make this hobby fun.

That’s why I’ve been hosting Stash Bash events for the past three years. You don’t organize just once. It’s an ongoing journey to control the clutter and develop systems that support your scrapbooking.

Stash Bash is a week-long organizing party that uses simple challenges and incentives to encourage you to use up, declutter, and organize your scrapbook supplies. Our next event is coming up July 14 and today officially begins the launch.

(Though registration isn’t open yet, current members get a free ticket to the event.)

There’s a free class I’m hosting right now (details at the end) along with some new blog posts and lots of email messages designed to inspire you to action! To officially kick off the Stash Bash launch, I’ve curated a selection of our best posts on scrapbooking organization.

How to Be an Organized Scrapbooker

12 Posts to Help You Get More Organized

1. You Can Never Be Totally Organized

2. How Does Your Creative Workspace Make You Feel?

3. 5 Essential Elements of a Creative Workspace that Works

4. Scrapbook Organization: Are You Doing it Wrong?

5. How to Store Die Cuts

6. Clutter and the True Price of Freebies

7. Upcycling a Crib Spring for Your Creative Workspace

8. Time-lapse Video of My Closet Transformation


9. Are You Deleting Enough?

10. A Drawer System for Supply Organization


11. Quiz for Scrapbookers: Is Your Stash Getting in the Way?

12. Downsizing the Supply Mountain

Free Organizing Class

Our Stash Bash scrapbook organizing event is coming up soon and to help you prepare I’m hosting a free 4-part class called The Simple Way to Get Organized.

This class will teach you the basics of getting organized and it’s for every type of memory keeper! Each video is short and entertaining, because I know you don’t have a lot of time.

Get the free scrapbook organizing class.

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