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This past April I hosted the first-ever online scrapbooking event designed to help you use, de-clutter, and organize your stash – in five days! Stash Bash returns next week with five new challenges and a supportive community to cheer you on.

This round will include daily video pep talks with tips you can use right away as well as detailed PDF handouts with before, during, and after images. (Access the PDFs on your computer or your tablet!) You’ll also have access to our set of introductory, how-to videos.

To give you a taste of Stash Bash, here are two videos from the first event:


This video provides a short educational lesson in decluttering.

This video shows me organizing frequently-used embellishments.

How You Can Participate

Stash Bash is valued at $29, but you can sign up for just $16. Click here for details and see some sneak peeks from the handouts!


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  1. Trish Allard

    looks like fun!
    ps…love your theme song…bouncy and full of energy…which I surely could use!
    looking forward to Stash-Bash on Monday.

    • Jennifer S. Wilson



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