WPT#37: Snowflakes, Not Sheep (VIDEO)

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The Weekly Pep Talk is a video podcast series designed to help you find more time for scrapbooking and use it well. To be notified when new videos are posted subscribe to our YouTube channel.


In this week’s pep talk, I’m sharing some advice that is guaranteed to help you feel more motivated to complete your scrapbook projects.

Your Weekly Pep Talk

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It’s your turn to talk! How important is it to be a snowflake? Is there a good time to be a sheep?

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  1. DragonsLady

    Being a snowflake isn’t all that hard for me. I always put my own spin on projects. I may join the crowd with December Daily (not this year) or 30 Days of Lists (yes), or Picture your holidays (yes), Your December Story (maybe but not exactly as Debbie will do it), My Dream December (sort-of), and of course, Jennifer’s Holiday Storyteller (yes) but I’ll do it, as Frank Sinatra said “MY WAY!”

    • lilola

      Love this attitude!

  2. Ami

    I’ve been doing Project Life for many years now and this year my album will end with this week as I am combining all of my December Holiday projects into one album. I will be doing 30 days of lists with the 31st added as we have two important birthdays to celebrate on the 31st. I’m using the Studio Calico album because it has pockets and larger spaces for a few of my better photos and small layouts. I intend to be a snowflake while I follow the storm of others.

  3. Deanna Ridgway

    Jennifer, odd question….do you type out what you are going to say on these video casts? If so would it be posible to start including a PDF of these weekly videos? I ask becase many times when I am accessing them I am only able to read info, not watch a video. Thanks!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      I’m not currently publishing these videos but I have considered re-releasing them as audios and transcripts to be more portable.



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