What to Expect in 2014 + Free Calendar Printable

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Happy New Year! Ready or not, 2014 is here and waiting for you to document it. As you welcome in new beginnings, I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of what we have planned for you here at Simple Scrapper.

As I mentioned the other day in my One Little Word 2014 post, this new year is about simplifying to create much-needed space in many areas of my life. Part of this is paring back to essentials that fill me up, which definitely includes a renewed focus on writing as well as more making and teaching.


I love sharing my thoughts, ideas, and experiences here on the blog but I don’t feel like I’ve been as present as I would have liked. I’ve spent too much time talking at you and not enough talking with you. 2014 will see a return to our roots of really great blog content to help you simplify memory keeping and life.

In written blog posts and new videos, I’ll be sharing more of my own projects and the processes I use to keep scrapbooking simple. You’ll continue to hear alternate perspectives from our team and other guest writers. We’ll even be incorporating more content on simple living as it relates to creating space in life for scrapbooking.


Last year I tested the waters with a new series of five-day special events. These activities bring women together with a shared vision and help them take a lot of action in a short amount of time. The intensive format fosters incredible community and rapid results that have a ripple-effect on your scrapbooking.

We have two of these events on the calendar for 2014. Start Fresh begins next week and will help you plan and prepare for an incredible year of scrapbooking. And later in the year Stash Bash will help you use, declutter, and organize your scrapbook supplies!


To begin our fourth year of the membership, we’re welcoming a new, members-only magazine to the family: Spark. Each monthly issue serves as your launch point for a month of scrapbooking and includes exclusive content to support your journey.

Spark: New Members-Only Magazine at Simple Scrapper

The magazine adds to an already-robust suite of membership features, including our active private Facebook group and a vast library of sketches and layered templates. I love connecting with and coaching our members to create scrapbooks that celebrate family stories and nourish their creative souls.

And More!

And of course, that won’t be all there is! I’m so looking forward to another year of scrapbooking with you and sharing many other fun surprises. Look for a new workshop announcement in the very near future as well as something else new, fun, and FREE sometime in February.

This Month’s Free Calendar Printable

And finally, each month at Simple Scrapper we’ll have a new free calendar for you to download and print. Use it to jot down memorable moments and make creative time a priority. We’ve even included Simple Scrapper events and an exclusive discount code!

January Scrapbooker's Planner: Free Printable at Simple Scrapper

Download ]

Thanks so much for reading the blog at Simple Scrapper. I’d love if you commented and shared what topics you most want to read about here during the coming year.

Did you find this post helpful?

We believe simple is not how your page looks, but how your scrapbooking hobby works. We have a free workshop called SPARKED and it is the best way to learn more about Simple Scrapper and start creating consistently.


  1. SaBineK.

    Thanks for giving us an insight what you´ve planned this year.
    That sounds great, Jennifer. And the calendar would give us a great overview. Happy New Year.
    Greetings Sabine

  2. Trisha

    this sounds like so much fun and a wonderful way to keep us fresh and true and rich in our scrapbooking life. I am going to learn so much from everyone and I love it Jennifer how you really worked on “seeing” us and what we need to grow in or craft! Yea!!!

  3. Deborah Van Leer

    New to this group, I am really looking forward to what 2014 is going to bring and with having new simple focus and guidance. Thank you.

  4. Sharmon Savoie

    Thank you so much for the printable calendar! Will each month’s calendar come in the emails?

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Yes we will have a calendar each month and send out an announcement too!

  5. Darlene Ragon

    I am new here too. May I trouble you to share a bit more info as to how we are to use the calendar ? Is the color scheme a challenge to use in a layout? Any pointers to help me fully utilize the calendar as you envisioned it ?
    Many Thanks,

    • Jennifer Wilson

      There are a few tips written at the top, but one of my ideas is to keep it handy so you can write very brief notes (phrases) about stories you want to scrapbook right on the calendar. You can also use it to plan out when you want to scrapbook and do recurring tasks like organization or photo editing.

      The color scheme is just one point of inspiration you can use to gather supplies for a layout. We’re using it internally to design each month’s materials, but I thought it would be neat to share it each month too.

  6. Jessica J Marshall

    I am so excited to work on simplifying my craft in 2014. I would like more details on how you keep your supply buying simple. I am a lover of all of the beautiful lines that come out and I feel that if I buy the paper then I have to buy all of the coordinating embellishments which makes for way too much money being spent and way too much product in my tiny scrapping space. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Great idea Jessica, I’m overdue for a post on how I’ve changed my shopping habits.

  7. Renate Olsen

    New to this group as well! Thank you for the opportunity!
    Thank you as well for the calendar-printable, for making the planning go a little bit easier! 😀

  8. Sofia

    Love the calendar, anything to help my mind stay clutter free. I’d love to hear more photo related subjects.

  9. Shannon Minner

    Was is just me or did anyone else have a problem with how the calendar printed out? I have a large blue rectangle covering the word January, some of the words are squised together, and I have a rectangle covering the coupon information at the bottom. Just checking…



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