28 Scrapbook Layouts You Should Make if You Want To

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One of our Simple Scrapper members shared a thought-provoking article in our private Facebook group recently: 28 Books You Should Read if You Want To.

I love how this isn’t your traditional must-read book list, as it doesn’t actually contain any titles. I also love how this kind of list gets your mind churning with great ideas, helping you to connect the dots.

What’s most interesting is that the reasons you might read a book are some of the same reasons you might scrapbook a layout. In this post I’m sharing the scrapbooker’s twist on this list!

1. You should scrapbook a layout about a difference of opinion.

2. You should scrapbook a layout about that time you laughed.

3. You should scrapbook a layout about that time you cried.

4. You should scrapbook a layout about an unexpected discovery.

5. You should scrapbook a layout about how you love to relax.

6. You should scrapbook a layout about your grandparents’ love story.

7. You should scrapbook a layout about a memorable class in school.

8. You should scrapbook a layout about your favorite band.

9. You should scrapbook a layout that connects lyrics to life.

10. You should scrapbook a layout about noticing or paying attention.

11. You should scrapbook a layout about a story you’ve told before.

12. You should scrapbook a layout about a photo that makes you giggle.

13. You should scrapbook a layout about about your name’s origin.

14. You should scrapbook a layout about a conversation on social media.

Download a copy of this list.

15. You should scrapbook a layout about your hometown.

16. You should scrapbook a layout about gifts you received for graduation.

17. You should scrapbook a layout you’ve been meaning to start.

18. You should scrapbook a layout about something you don’t like.

19. You should scrapbook a layout about a place you’re about to visit.

20. You should scrapbook a layout connecting history to your life today.

21. You should scrapbook a layout about something you enjoy learning.

22. You should scrapbook a layout that deliberately follows or defies trends.

23. You should scrapbook a layout about scrapbooking.

24. You should scrapbook a layout about winning a prize.

25. You should scrapbook a layout about following the crowd.

26. You should scrapbook a layout about an easy breezy time you had.

27. You should scrapbook a layout about a club you belong to.

28. You should scrapbook a layout that means something.

I’m a big fan of scrapbooking the little stories that make up the fabric of your life. Yes, the milestones and events are important, but it’s the moments that we remember most. Which idea will you try first?


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  1. Libby Wiers

    I have actually done a couple of these layouts. But I’m thinking it would be a good summer challenge to myself, after I ditch half my job in June (semi-retirement), to print this list, add it to my yearly plan, and see how many I can do. A summary page of thumbnail photos might be in order as well.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      That does sound like a fun challenge. Make sure it fits well with your plan!

  2. Lynn Mercurio

    These are wonderful prompts…and they wouldn’t even need photos. Brilliant. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. kate

    This is a great list and I am pinning to Pinterest.. Am thinking if some layout ideas already !!

  4. Tina Campell

    These are super cool prompts and really would be fun to tackle. A few I have mentioned in a PL weekly spread but it would be fun to do a whole page on just that one topic. 1 I know I cannot do and no one to ask either since have long passed away, but the rest are reasonable to do. See about fitting it into my crafting agenda as a fun challenge 🙂

  5. Kelly C

    This is a great list. Here are a couple of layouts that come to mind that I would add.

    You should scrapbook a layout of something you are passionate about.
    You should scrapbook a layout of something on your “bucket list”.

  6. Natalia

    I would suggest everyone scrapbook a layout about their experience on 9/11. I did one with mostly journaling, but it was cathartic. I only realized this past year that it’s a moment in history that my kids probably won’t understand just like I can barely understand the impact Pearl Harbor had. Either that or thr traumatizing effect of watching your stock portfolio or 401-K plummet on September 16, 2008! Lol!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Oh that’s such a good idea. Thanks for sharing it Natalia!

  7. Renee T.

    I was moved to do a 9/11 layout sometime during 2002; I used mostly images captured from the web. It was such a radical departure from my usual style/subjects…but I am so glad I have it now in my collection. You are so right, Natalia, the younger people in our family cannot conceive the horror of that day. They have heard about it on tv and in school, yet to see a page devoted to it in a family scrapbook makes it all the more real and accessible to them. It has ended up being one of my favorite layouts, for many different reasons. I am thinking now, because of your post, it would be interesting to go back and revisit how much has changed in our lives, as a consequence of 9/11, for another layout. Also, I am thinking that anyone who suffered a dramatic decline in their home value these last many years would have a meaningful topic about which to create a layout. All of these will be layouts whose significance will only increase with the perspective of time.

  8. Sherley

    Living in Oklahoma we have the Murrah bombing and 9/11 both that have made a big impact that our younger children and grandchildren will not understand. My youngest grandson was in Headstart when 9/11 happened. The children made a flag with their handprints and sent it to NYC. It was on the front page of our local paper also. I took that article and also got pictures of him pointing to his hand on the flag and made a scrapbook page. Along with those pages I made some with the articles from the paper and pictures from the web. I think this will help him to understand better when he studies 9/11 in school.

  9. Nicky

    As I read through this list I stopped twice to write stories down that I had never thought of scrapbooking before. Thanks for the great ideas!

  10. Carrie S.

    Thanks for a great post and such inspiring ideas! I’m going to do every single one. There are so many that I never would have thought of.

  11. Cheri Mandaquit

    What a thought provoking list. Many of those items I had never thought of. I want to start on that list when I finish “Before Your Story”. Another two that came to mind that I never thought of scrapping was how devastating Hurricane Iniki was when it hit the Hawaiian Islands and also the Challenger disaster because one of the astronauts was from right here in Kona. It really makes you think and hopefully these stories will have an impact on my kids and grandkids.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  12. Gab

    Such a great list … thanks Jennifer!

  13. Pam Yates

    Awesome list, Jennifer! This summer will be a great opportunity to take on this challenge. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. HelenH

    I’ve been mulling a LO, “he met her at work.” My grandfather was a hired hand on the farm next to my grandmother. We recently found photos from that time – candid photos from 1917! So even tho I don’t know their story, I can infer quite a bit from these few details. One being, that my grandmother is smiling in one photo unlike any other photo I’ve seen of her!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Aww, what a sweet story! I can’t wait to see the finished page.

  15. Carol Labuski

    Great ideas! Just posted it on my Facebook page and plan to post it to my blog soon as well. Thanks for sharing this, Jennifer!

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  17. Pamela Moore

    When I clicked on your website I thought I would see images of pages not examples of ideas, I almost closed out. But I thought I would read some of the responses. Very positive. I was especially moved by the lady that talked about Oklahoma. My husbands niece was killed in that bombing, she was 33 years old and pregnant. I would never have thought to scrap it. I have many pictures of the building , surrounding area devastation. It was one of the most traumatic times of our life. I don’t know if I could do it but it is food for thought.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Sorry for your loss Pamela. I do think that it becomes easier to scrapbook very difficult memories with time.

  18. deb harrah

    Last year I started an ‘ABC’s of my life’ album. I wanted a way to document many of the stories of my life for my daughter. And just document everyday stuff along with the important things. I have a number of ideas on this list covered in the albom so far. My daughter’s name is Abby, so, of course ‘A’ is all about her. B is boyfriends, a few of them helped shape who I am. Also Baking as that is an important tradition in our family. C is for cats and cars. Funny stuff about how one of my cats peed on a boyfriend because he didn’t like him. To documenting my 5 generation pictures and my daughter’s 4 generation pictures. To my mom’s breast cancer battle. It’s morphing as I work thru it, but I did start out with a plan for most of the letters and what pictures I had for that topic. It’s all about you and should be what YOU want it to be.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      What a wonderful project. Your daughter is sure to treasure it!

    • Katheryn

      I love your idea Deb about ABC of my life. I could make one for my kids, parents, etc, sounds like it would be fun and having your mind thinking.

  19. Thuy Thanh Ta

    Amazing 🙂 I will try to scrapbook all of them 😀

  20. Phyllis

    A decade ago I started a scrapbook about places around my little hometown & how they have changed. My daughter her grandson & myself were there & visited many places that she remembered playing from her many summer visits there. I had access to old photographs of what it looked like when I was eight & how things had changed since my daughter was eight. Her stories of the memories she has, and some photos taken of her then have been included on the pages.
    The way life has changed so many of the freedoms I enjoyed & my daughter was able to experience when she visited grandparents, is a story within the main story as well as the history of my hometown.
    I have also done several others on that list because of the historic value for my children…inquiring minds want to know and the kids might be surprised by some facts 🙂

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  24. Clare

    I couldn’t find the download link ????

  25. TC Smith

    I love your ideas. I’ve always wanted to make a small scrapbook about a song. Particularly a silly song or a favorite song. I think Ballroom Dancing by Paul McCartney would be a fun one! Or maybe something like The Motorcycle Song by Arlo Guthrie.



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