I recent asked members what they were most excited about in memory keeping these days. There was a clear winner: pocket scrapbooking. The popularity of the Project Life brand and the pocket scrapbooking approach has many memory keepers buzzing with new possibilities.

Tips for Pocket Scrapbooking - Simple Scrapper

I’m putting together a big post on how I’m using pocket scrapbooking this year. (Hint: It has changed a little bit.) But first I wanted to share two guest posts I recently wrote. In these articles for The Pocket Source and Digital Scrapbooking HQ I share tips, insights, and my own pocket scrapbooking examples.

Before you head over to read those, I’d love to know how you’re using pocket scrapbook products (or not) as part of your memory keeping process. Also, what do you want to know about how I’m doing pocket scrapbooking? I want to make sure to cover everything in my post!

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  1. Sharon Wilcox

    I would like to know how to add typed text (as opposed to handwritten text) to journaling cards.

  2. Scrappyjen

    I haven’t used any pocket scrapbooking pockets at all and it’s not something I see myself doing in the future either. (One of my start fresh Never Do items is any project life style documentation). The closest I get is using the cut-apart sheets from different companies as I would any other patterned paper, embellishment or journaling card. I’ve considered using some of the 6×6 pockets to extend my page or add extra journaling but I do it so rarely that cutting and sewing a 12×12 page protector down to size works for me. I enjoy working on a 12×12 canvas for so many reasons from the artistic to the aesthetic so why change what works so well for me.

  3. Gina Karas

    I’m using pocket scrapbooking products to do Project Life. I like the ease of just printing the photo and doing a quick journaling card to go with it. Embellishing the pages is pretty easy and I feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the month! I’m still doing my traditional 12X12 scrapbooking too for longer trips and events with lots of photos, but pocket scrapbooking keeps me inspired on a weekly basis to sit down & create!

    I would like to know if and how you’re incorporating memorabilia into your pocket scrapbooking.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      To be honest I don’t include a ton, but I will show a few more additions of my daughter’s artwork on insert pages and think more on this.. because I’d like to!

  4. Kim McKelvey-Smith

    I am primarily all digi – both traditional paper-style layouts and pocket-style layouts. I also mix both styles in the same books. Yes, I’m a rebel, lol!

    How are you handling your ephemera? What kind of products are you using for storage?

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Does a giant pile in my closet count? I can see why this question is so popular, because it’s a challenge I have myself. Still working on a better solution and will definitely blog about it.

  5. Melissa Shanhun

    I’m mostly digi! πŸ™‚ BUT I have soooo many PL cards… why? Well, I am using them to ‘scrap’ my memorabilia. I realised I was not wanting to purge it all or scan it all, so this is my next best option.

    I put EVERYTHING layouts, pockets etc into one series of chronological albums.

  6. DorothyCC

    Most of my albums are chronological. A mix of pocket pages and traditional 12×12 pages works best for me. Pocket pages are great for everyday life kinds of photos, where you really don’t have enough for an entire page. (By the way, I almost never use an entire page for just one photo. I love to fit multiple photos into a single page, just as I learned years ago with Creative Memories.) 12×12 layouts work for special events such as vacations and holidays. I love the freedom and flexibility of being able to use both.

  7. Amy

    I’m new to pocket pages scrapbooking. Do Project Life pages fit all 12×12 albums? I like the idea of mixing pocket pages and traditional pages like DorothyCC.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Yes, they do!


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