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A year ago, in X is for Xeroxed, I created a video explaining why scrapbookers need to copy themselves more.

When we talk about scrap-lifting, it’s often in terms of using layouts from others for inspiration. I find that scrap-lifting my own best layouts is an even more inspiring shortcut.

Instead of testing out an unfamiliar page composition, returning to one I know worked well is my favorite recipe for layout success.

I created this layout about my love of camping, which I don’t do nearly enough, back in 2009. It was one of the first layouts where I really felt comfortable with layering.

The single column page design is one I have turned to again and again in scrapbooking, a comfortable home base for layout design. Recently I wanted to return to this specific design with a new layout about my daughter.

I love how the narrow column offers opportunities for layering along the edges as well as on top. It also offers a compact home for numbered journal strips.

This week I was feeling a little stuck, so I turned to this strategy yet again.

Starting with a basic, tested structure provided just the momentum I needed to get unstuck and start scrapbooking. My new layout takes cues from the original but looks quite different.

I’ll be sharing this new page during our April membership reveal. But in the meantime here’s a sneak peek!

Scrap-lifting yourself is a simple way to find design inspiration when you need it most. Have you ever created a new layout based on a previous page?

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