The Easiest Way to Use Scrapbook Prompts

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One of my goals this year is to participate more in the scrapbooking community outside of Simple Scrapper, including taking classes and actually doing the work.

One of the classes I’m following along with is Stacy Julian’s Inspired Scrapbooking. One prompt each month offers a great, no-pressure boost for my layouts.

As I was working on a page for this class recently, I started thinking more about the specific way in which I use prompts for scrapbooking – and had a bit of a revelation.

On the surface it may seem straightforward to let the prompt guide you to a story, initiating a search for photos that will work. Sometimes that’s harder than it sounds.

I realized that I often take a simple shortcut to avoid this difficulty, allowing the prompt to serve a specific purpose. I use prompts to tell better stories.

Often I have somewhat recent photos I’m really excited about scrapbooking, but I want something more meaningful to say about them that what we did. This is where I use prompts.

Scrapbooking prompts allow me to connect interesting stories with the photos I already want to scrapbook, creating a win-win situation and a layout completed!

Do you scrapbook with prompts?

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  1. Dani

    That’s what I do, too. I love prompts and I usually focus on the storytelling and then I find pictures to go with the stories, sometimes i don’t even add them.

  2. Holli

    I am looking forward to scrapbook through the year.


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