Around Here | March 2014

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On the last day of each month I’m sharing a personal recap that will also be included in my Project Life album.

Around Here | March 2014

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Around here I am feeling behind after a jam-packed weekend month, but discovering clarity by writing down what has to be done.

Around here I am excited and nervous about taking a trip without Emily to see my best friend. I’m trying hard not to feel guilty.

Around here I am celebrating forward progress in potty training with hugs, high-fives, and too many chocolate incentives.

Around here I am over the moon happy that it’s going to be 70 degrees today. We are all in serious need of fresh air and sunshine.

Around here I am loving the view of my re-organized office closet and feeling so ready to overhaul another cluttered space.

Around here I am infatuated with my Kindle Paperwhite and wondering why I strained my eyes reading on the iPad for so long.

How did March treat you? I’d love it if you shared one highlight, challenge, or realization in the comments.

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  1. Dawn Farias

    Enjoy your trip – both you and your daughter will thrive and be fine. <3

    Congratulations on a major space overhaul. I plan on tackling one of my kids' rooms this week. Other spaces that I've conquered over the past year have stayed mostly conquered and I'm so thankful for that.

    My biggest challenge for the month was sitting down to get a personal store/website set up and filled. It wasn't getting done by itself (which I was hoping!) so last week I just stole some time and got the job finished.

    Happy Monday. 🙂

    • Jennifer Wilson

      I have some spaces that do better in the maintenance phase than others. The kitchen counters are the worst for being a clutter magnet, so I’m saving that until last. I think the bathroom closet is next!

      Congrats on finishing your web project Dawn!

  2. Ami

    You will have such a great time and return with wonderful stories to share with your family.

    I have actually treasured being able to slow down and just enjoy the process this month. I think that all of the prior planning and being caught up with my photo organizing were benefits of being a member here and taking part in the focus group.

    Now I am ready to finish a few projects and enjoy that process.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Yay, so love to hear this Ami! It’s a great reminder for those who are in the “do the work” stage that will set them up for future slowness and enjoyment. It’s all worth it!

  3. Cheri Stine

    Hi Jennifer, I can “ditto” so many of your March statements–really love my Kindle Paperwhite, too, and wonder why I struggled with outdoor reading on my Kindle Fire for as long as i did and am serious need of sunshine and warm temps. Enjoy your solo trip. You, your daughter, and your spouse will all benefit from it.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Ooh, love how you combined those ideas. Can’t wait to do some reading outdoors with the sunshine on my face.

      Thanks for the encouragement Cheri!

  4. Mel

    First, I say ditch the guilt. You have a right to fun and relaxation! You give so much to your family; let them have the joy of giving back to you as you go and relax and enjoy yourself with your best friend.

    What rocked for me in March was a mini-getaway with my husband. It was for one night in a lovely hotel nearby, and we just loved it. Been a LONG time since we were able to do anything remotely like that, and we’re hoping to do a weekend in April. 😀

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Thanks for the encouragement. I’m working on embracing it!

      So awesome you got a night with your hubby. We’ve been working hard on doing “date days” once a month and have a few things planned for later this year. First time since Emily was born that we’ve really concentrated on time just for us.

      Hope your April weekend works out Mel!

  5. Mary Livingston

    I will tell anyone who will listen to me that reading on a Kindle is soooo much better than the iPad–even if you don’t count the reading outside thing!

    On a related note, I often think about how my books “system” is the one flawless system I have in my life–and how I can duplicate it for everything else. In a nutshell I just add books to my Amazon Kindle wish list, then when I need one I just browse it, download it, read it, and then write a paragraph or so in my reading journal before repeating the process over again. It is so seamless and stress free–and it makes me so happy. The browsing of a lot of pre-picked options seems to be a key part of the happiness for me as it gives me both choices and boundaries, so I’m working on setting up more of my life this way.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      I’ve been doing that too Mary! When I see a book I’d like to read I add it to my Wish List so I can come back later when I am ready to start something new. Sometimes, of course, I’ll buy and start it right away.. but most of the time I want to finish what I’m on first. Definitely having those constraints of books I’ve already vetted is helpful. Then it’s a matter of what I’m in the mood for.

      I can certainly see this apply to scrapbooking and so many things in life. It also supports making sure you’re paying attention to the styles of things that work for you, so you’re always selecting from good choices!

  6. Daniella Alencar

    Oh, that’s a nice list to add to PL, love it and I’ll try that, too. Took note to make my list and will share soon. Thanks.

  7. Melanie

    I realized this month that I can’t do everything. Having priorities doesn’t always mean getting everything done in order of importance. Sometimes it means choosing one priority and doing it well and letting other priorities go. I did that this month and turns out I survived… it can be done. 🙂

    • Jennifer Wilson

      I’ve been working on that a lot too Melanie. I am trying to accept that there will always be more to do and I can’t keeping waiting to relax or have fun until the list is checked off.


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