WPT #46: It’s OK to Procrastinate

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Procrastination can be like a drug. You know you’re not supposed to do it. But the more you do, the more you become addicted to the high of getting something done just under the wire.

However, procrastination in scrapbooking can be a tool you use to get more done. And you won’t even have to pull an all-nighter.

Weekly Pep Talk #46: It's OK to Procrastinate

I believe in the power of discipline, commitment, habits, and routines to support your creative practices. So I want to start by sharing some areas where I don’t think you should procrastinate:

  • Photo management
  • Journaling on layouts
  • Finishing projects

So what does that leave? It’s OK to procrastinate on memory keeping activities that are not actively moving you towards getting more memories documented.

This activity will vary from person to person, but there is one I too-often see being used as a crutch for not scrapbooking: organization. 

If this isn’t you, then ignore the rest. But if some aspect rings true, then I’d love for you to keep reading.

I want to suggest that organization is the perfect area for procrastination. There isn’t always time to really focus on stash management. And instead of reserving time specifically for this more intensive task, we putter when we really should be scrapping.

You can always carve out a spot or move to a different room. You can always slow down or halt your purchases. You can alway dig out that one product from under that pile.

There’s always a way to scrapbook amidst imperfect conditions. When you embrace deliberate procrastination, you can stop getting in your own way and blaming clutter for not creating.

The Weekly Pep Talk shares one strategy to help you simplify scrapbooking and focus on what matters most.

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  1. Tina C.

    I have to totally agree with you on this:
    This activity will vary from person to person, but there is one I too-often see being used as a crutch for not scrapbooking: organization.

    I’m not the organized person, I would like to be more organized, but at times that takes way to much time away from crafting. I don’t understand that you have to be organized to scrapbook, shoot I’ve been great it for years, crafting with out been organized 🙂 . I think that my workspace is the only place I’m organized cause I have to be, but that isn’t the same amount of stuff that I have there as I have in scrapping. So I can find things right away when I need it.

    So I work around if I have like things in the same spot then it is easier to find that way, but other than that not to organized and crafting just fine 🙂

  2. Deanna Ridgway

    Holy cow Jennifer, you were talking directly to me! I’ll be re-reading this over and over, thank you!


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