Why Scraplifting is Important (Q&A)

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It’s Q&A month and I’m answering your biggest questions about life, business, and simple scrapbooking.

Q&A with Jennifer Wilson | Why Scraplifting is Important

How can I stop being a scraplifter and start taking the time to express my creativity?

Here’s a secret: I find page design difficult. I don’t know always know the best ways to arrange items on a page, so I always lean on inspiration from inside and outside of scrapbooking. But I don’t feel guilty about it.

Looking to other layouts – or even using sketches and templates – doesn’t mean that you’re not expressing your own creativity. They are simply a starting point. Plus, if time is an issue for you, scraplifting can give you more time for adding your own personal touches.

That said, I do understand where you’re coming from. You want to develop a deeper confidence in your own abilities. I suggest spending more time studying layouts you love. Identify what details are catching your eye and begin to build your own toolbox of go-to techniques.

I also find that Debbie Hodge’s design education at Get it Scrapped is a nice complement to the process simplicity and motivation I provide here at Simple Scrapper.

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  1. Melinda Wilson

    I agree totally with you. It’s like my mind goes blank and I waste a lot of time if I don’t have some type of “inspiration”!

  2. Gab

    I love scraplifting, sketches, Paperclipping, Get it Scrapped and BPC!


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