Around Here | July 2014

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On the last day of each month I’m sharing a personal recap that will also be included in my Project Life album.

Around Here | July 2014

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Around here I’m working hard now so that I can play later.

Around here we’re celebrating the end of diapers.

Around here I’m obsessively listening to the Begin Again soundtrack.

Around here I’m shifting my focus from eating well to moving more.

Around here she’s turned into a mama’s girl. #nocomplaints

Around here I’m excited to start reading Essentialism.

Around here I’m wishing there were more hours in a day.

Around here we’re totally creeped out by Extant.

Around here she’s started to ask “why” all.the.time.

Around here I’m looking forward to some pool time soon.

Around here I’m celebrating finishing a project.

How did July treat you? I’d love it if you shared one highlight, challenge, or realization in the comments.

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  1. Kim McKelvey-Smith

    Love checking out your instagram – some really great shots of Emily there :).

    Around here I am thankful for the focus I have had with getting my hd purged of stuff………..stuff I no longer want to play with, stuff I haven’t felt bad about purging.

    Around here I have made inroads to cleaning my ‘office space’ in our den and have used the same thought ‘if you haven’t used it in 6months, get rid of it’.

    Around here I am thankful that I have my Niece to give craft supplies to.

    Around here I am back on WW and so far managing to stay on track; slow and steady is getting me closer to my far off goal.

    Around here I am moving more with the aid of several workout videos that are gentle on my joints and am feeling a little more flexible.

    Around here I am thankful for the brilliance of Jennifer’s laid back teaching style with Simple Scrapper!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Woohoo, sounds like you’re in an awesome place Kim! And I so appreciate your kind words.

  2. C.J. Sturtevant

    I enjoy your Simple Scrapper website, but I rarely post anything, anywhere. Your recent “around here” list resonated with me, so here goes.

    Around here, I am enjoying an amazingly bounteous blueberry harvest this year: pies, jam, gallons in the freezer for future reference, and of course fresh blueberries on my oatmeal each morning.

    Around here, I’ve finally finished the paper version of my January 2013 visit to Yellowstone National Park—fun memories!

    Around here, my hubbie and I are making a point of doing at least one “wildflowers” hike a week, and taking lots of photos of beautiful mountain meadows.

    Around here, I am grateful for my retirement, and the time it gives me to pursue the things that bring me joy, peace and satisfaction.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Thanks so much for stepping out of your comfort zone to share. It sounds like you’re having a wonderful summer!

  3. Lisa M. Zepponi

    I am sooo loving your blog these days! Can’t wait for tomorrow so I can purchase your simple scrapper program!

    Around here, I am thankful for the baseball hiatus of (two weeks).

    Around here, I am grateful for the “time off” of requirements.

    Around here, I am thankful for family. Cousins make the best friends and Noni’s are a godsend.

    Around here, I need to actually commit to completing a project and try my hand at some crafty things.

    Around here, I am re-starting my journey to clean eating and moving more by being persistent and consistent in my efforts. This means EVERY DAY!!

    Around here, I am energized to co-chair a special Christmas homes tour in conjunction with our town’s 50th Christmas on Deer Creek celebration.

    Around here, I am looking forward to celebrating 16 years of marriage with my crazy redneck lover.

    Around here, I am learning to respect my 12 year old’s independence and trying to grasp the idea he does NOT need me.

    Around here, I am learning that life is precious and that our days with our loved ones are not infinite.

    Around here, I learning to like me.


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