Around Here | August 2014

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On the last day of each month I’m sharing a personal recap that will also be included in my Project Life album.

Around Here | August 2014

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Around here my baby girl turned three and started preschool.

Around here I’m digging my new Artifact Uprising photo books.

Around here the fall calendar is filling up so fast.

Around here I’m enjoying soy lattes early in the morning.

Around here we’re playing Hi Ho Cherry-O daily.

Around here I’m loving the return to everyday routines.

Around here he and I are coming up on six years of marriage.

Around here I’m hard at work getting ready for Stash Bash.

How did August treat you? I’d love it if you shared one highlight, challenge, or realization in the comments.

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  1. Nicole Mann

    August was great! Spent most of it on ‘vacation’ leading up to preparing for Baby #2 to arrive, hopefully any day now! I managed to get most of my first born’s baby album complete (minus a few more in depth inserts I want to include), which was a goal before baby #2 shows up 🙂
    Also, I am just wondering Jennifer, how are you including these recaps in your Project Life? On a card right in your spreads, as an insert of some sort…?? Maybe you have already shared this in a previous blog post…?

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Best wishes for Baby #2’s safe arrival Nicole!

      My tentative plan is to use 6×8 inserts for the Around Here posts… likely with a full photo on one side and the journaling on the other. Likely I will assemble them all at once at the end of the year.. and definitely blog about it!

  2. teddi

    jennifer, i think your around here posts are some of my faves. oh & this might seem obvious to you, but have you ever printed them as a book for you or your family?

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Thank you! My plan is to include them as inserts in my annual album that combines pocket pages and layouts. If I keep up with it for a few years, I do see that it could be a really cool photo book!

  3. HelenH

    I spent a week with my brothers, looking at photos and sharing stories. One brother has scanned my mom’s albums and is compiling detailed records of people and places in her, and our lives.

  4. Gab

    Love this idea for a post … might try to do it myself! My August was getting back into the school routine – and dealing with ear infections (my son had 3 in 4 weeks!)


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