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For most of us in the northern hemisphere, we think of summer as June, July, and August. I had intended to document a day in my typical life during this time, but it never happened.

Before I jumped to the present day (Day in the Life | Fall is coming next week!), I wanted to dig a little deeper.

In looking through my photos from those months, it’s pretty clear why I never found an average day. There’s absolutely nothing typical about everyday life during the summer! 

My days alternated between a routine that mirrored the spring and absolutely no routine at all. There were many long weekends and week-long adventures that kept me on my toes all season long.

Here’s a recap, in 5 simple statements:

I enjoyed summer treats with my girl.

Day in the Life | Summer

I traveled to Boston, Houston, and St. Louis.

Day in the Life | Summer

I went to three baseball games.

Day in the Life | Summer

I ate a lot healthy and a lot less healthy.

Day in the Life | Summer

I exercised a little and scrapbooked a little.

Day in the Life | Summer

For me life during the summer looks like adventures punctuated by work and rest. It was a good summer. The best part is that I have a ton of amazing photos to scrapbook this fall!

See Day in the Life | Winter and Day in the Life | Spring for more peeks into my daily life.

Can you sum up your summer in five statements?

Day in the Life is a life documentation project created by Ali Edwards.

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  1. Honoré

    I like your approach to summarizing DiT in 5 sentencesL…it’s a challenge I think I’ll try. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Gab

    Love this post! You just make it seem so easy to highlight what’s important


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