Deep in the Heart | Simple Scrapbook Layout

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While I take in many sources of inspiration, most of my scrapbook pages follow a specific pattern and are inspired by my photos. One image (or a series) will spark a feelings-based story that I want to tell. I then choose the smallest number of images that will capture the gist of that story and begin creating.

You can even take a shortcut by selecting a sketch or template with the same number of photos you want to scrapbook!

In late July we drove from Illinois to Texas to visit my parents. While I captured a variety of personal images with my big camera, I used my phone to share a suite of iconic and symbolic images on social media. While these images represented places we visited on the trip, together they helped me tell a deeper story.

Deep in the Heart | Simple Scrapbook Layout

I remember sitting in choir class in 4th grade, learning how to sing (and when to clap during) “Deep in the Heart of Texas”.

The stars at night,
are big and bright,
(clap clap clap clap)
deep in the heart of Texas.

This was my first year in in the Lone Star State, a Michigander transplanted to the land of bluebonnets and Blue Bell ice cream.

To say the least, it was overwhelming for someone who still believed there was a basement in the Alamo.

Over the years the edge has worn off. I no longer hesitate to tell people that I grew up in Texas. And on this trip I realized how many things I actually like about it, that I now feel just as much nostalgia for Texas as I always have for Michigan.

And that had to be documented!

I began by creating an easy collage with the PicFrame app with four of my favorite images. I used Dropbox to sync it to my computer for printing.

In gathering supplies it felt important to choose products that were symbolic, like the gold star paper as the background.

Deep in the Heart | Simple Scrapbook Layout

I layered a 4×4 piece of vellum and two 4×4 pieces of patterned paper behind the 4×4 collage photo to form the focal point of this simple scrapbook page.

I used a ruler to draw journaling lines and let the title plus two small star embellishments complete the layout.

Tip: Drawing the lines closer together makes it easier to control your hand for consistent journaling.

I’m normally resistant to journaling directly on the background, but I’ve felt a pull towards even-simpler, story-focused scrapbooking recently. I have so much to say and not enough time to fuss.

Your Assignment
Look through your recent images to find four related photos. Then identify a deeper, feelings-based story those images will help you tell.

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  1. Kathleen Schlosser

    Wonderful LO! I must comment, though, on the abscence of a doily. I didn’t know you had it in you. On the other hand, ‘Texas’ and ‘doily’ don’t immediately pair up together, do they?

    Love Simple Scrapper!

  2. Jamie

    Awww man, people have to admit that they’re from here. I didn’t realize we had a big stigma attached to us. I love being a Texan, especially as someone who travels a lot internationally. People genuinely get excited when you tell them you’re from Texas. I’m sooo going to make a page about this. Cute page, I like the stars.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      No stigma. I had a lot of emotions tied up in the move, which was between 3rd and 4th grade and also involved moving away from my grandparents. It was me not Texas. 😉

  3. Gab

    I have many good friends from Texas and have visited there a couple of times. Love it! And love your page

  4. Carmelle

    Love your page. It’s a great inspiration for me.



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