Floor Plan for My (Hypothetical) New Home Office

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As I’ve mentioned in recent Around Here posts, we’ve been house hunting. I’m not ready to share all of the details yet, but things are looking up that I’ll be working from a new home office soon.

It would be 12’x10′ with a big window and a small walk-in closet for storage. And suddenly Pinterest is even more exciting!

To be honest, I’m stressed out to the max right now and planning is the only thing keeping me grounded. Lists and spreadsheets and idea-gathering calm my nerves and keep me from freaking the heck out about moving, at least most of the time.

Since I work from home, transitioning my office quickly would be one of several priority projects. I don’t usually draw floor plans, but I needed exactness to plan the purchase of a new work surface.

I used floorplanner.com to create a to-scale drawing of my likely new office. I then scoured IKEA’s office section to begin trying out various configurations. One of my biggest requirements was having a white work surface in front of the window for taking photos and filming videos.

While I considered a center island, the size of the room and my need to have both standing and sitting spaces made it less than ideal. I settled on an around-the-perimeter configuration that will lean heavily on the addition of shelving.

Floor Plan for My New Home Office

1 | shelving units, Menards

2 |  floor lamp, Target

3 | LINNMON table, IKEA

4 | MALKOLM swivel chair, IKEA

5 | striped area rug, Home Decorators

6 | my grandpa’s drafting table, similar

7 | LINNMON corner table, IKEA

This is what I consider the first layer, the foundation for the room. My palette mixes natural tones of wood and cork with more modern accents in silver, white, and black.

The second layer would include additional storage like wall shelving, rolling carts, and cabinets. Color would come from the final layer of accents, like my crib spring, plants, and on-trend prints.

When I know more I’ll definitely share photos. In the meantime, I’m happy to answer any questions about this stage of workspace dreaming.

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  1. Cindy A

    Take off the door into the closet, and that way you will have more wall space available. If you really want to keep the door, cover it in over-door shelves (deep enough to hold paperback books) or put shoe organizers to hold items!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      It’s a walk-in closet, so I’m not sure that will work. Almost none of the closets in our current house have the doors, so I am usually a big fan of that. I do like the idea of shoe organizers for storing paints and other craft supplies.


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