Last month I announced the unKit Club, a new community project and blog series focused on simplifying the scrapbooking process. Thank you for the enthusiasm I’ve received on social media!

We’re exploring each unKit over a period of three months, with posts on kit curation, layout planning, and finally, the scrapbooking process. This post is the second in the series for unKit #1.


unKit #1 Layout Plan

I’ve recorded a video that walks you through the kit selections as well as my decision-making process for each micro kit.

Micro kits are page kits that include a foundation, photos, and selected items to provide a launching point for the layout. Whereas a kit (or in this case, an unKit) includes supplies for multiple layouts, a micro kit is intended to be a collection of items for a single page.

Some of the takeaway messages from the video include:

  • When curating kits, I select both color-coordinated and neutral/classic scrapbook supplies.
  • I will often pair a single embellishment with my photos to provide creative direction for my layout.
  • Then, I’ll audition papers from a collection or kit based on the mood I want to achieve with the layout.
  • Using a kit is not exclusionary; it is a starting point for using tools, stamps, etc. from your stash.
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unKit #1 for the unKit Club at Simple Scrapper

The unKit Club at Simple Scrapper

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  1. Claire

    I enjoyed watching this. It’s fun to see another scrapper’s thought process, choice of materials, and what you want the layout to say. I’ll be playing along and I’m anxious to see what you create. Have fun!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. So glad it was helpful!

  2. Honoré

    Love this! Opens up all sorts of possibilities in very practical ways. Genius, Jennifer!
    Count me in! And thanks a zillion!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Practical possibilities is my jam!

  3. Amy Melniczenko

    As a digital scrapbooker, I was wondering if this series would be useful to me … and it really is! I love seeing your process, how you’re thinking about things, etc. So valuable! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Oh I am so glad. I was worried about that yesterday. Because of the way digital supplies are designed and packaged, it really doesn’t make sense to do a digital version of this.

  4. Bonnie

    This was fun to watch and get ideas from. I really appreciated how you described your process in a way that others can use for their own layouts.

    • Jennifer Wilson


  5. BettyLou

    OMG, Jennifer! This is such an awesome series of videos. At this point, I am so sorry I didn’t immediately make plans to play along when I read your first post. (The biggest reason is time.) However, I was so enchanted this morning that I am disappointed. At least I won’t have yet more unfinished project.

    At any rate, I loved hearing about your thought process in picking product to go with your photos and stories. For example, I never would have thought of using diamond shapes or circles on a layout about going to baseball games. I may have noticed it on your finished layout, enjoyed it, and maybe even commented “love the circles”. Make that part of my choice? Probably not, watching your video gave me the insight that I am overwhelmingly driven by color. Thanks for showing me and calling out something I can certainly learn to do but haven’t thought of on my own. Hmm, there may be a story in this….

    I also loved how you planned to use letter stickers you love instead of saving them for another day.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      I appreciate your kind words BettyLou. You can still play along and “shop” from your stash. I give a few specs in the first post.

  6. Diane

    I enjoyed following your thoughts as you chose materials for your photos and stories. I really liked how you used different pairs of shoes for different people and your roles in life! I will continue to follow along to learn more from you and how to simplify my scrapbooking! I am looking forward to seeing all the pieces come together.
    Thank you for your great instructions!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Most welcome. I am so glad you’re enjoying Simple Scrapper!

  7. Gab

    This is the kind of video I’ll come back to again and again. I just loved hearing you talking through all your choices! Thanks Jennifer!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Oh THANK YOU for saying that!

  8. NancyGrace

    Thanks for the video. Your UNkits are really the only way to go for me, since most of my stash originated as clearance/closeouts/unmatched individual pieces. Now it is up to me to created my own kits and get myself scrapbooking.



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