New for 2016: The Simple Scrapper Book Club + January’s Selection

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When I published Does Anyone Still Read? in November, I never expected to receive so many comments in the affirmative. My hypothesis was more than correct.

On the whole, readers of the Simple Scrapper blog are readers in general. Fluff and eye candy are nice treats, but you like to go deeper.

I love knowing this about you. So as I pondered what I might add to the community in 2016, the logical next step was clear: a book club.

(I’ll pause here for you to squeal in delight.)

Alright, so how will we do this?

The Simple Scrapper Book Club

Each month we’ll read a non-fiction selection and have a conversation connecting the ideas to scrapbooking.

The Book Club conversation will take place in the form of a live chat that will replace our monthly Simplicity Hour. A transcript will be posted for those who aren’t able to attend.

Because the chosen books will be non-fiction, there really aren’t any spoilers. That means you are welcomed and encouraged to attend whether or not you finished (or even started) the book.

The intent is to share ideas at the intersection of intentional living and scrapbooking. Our fundamental question will be:

What can we take away that would add more joy or ease to memory keeping?

I’ve created a special page for the Book Club, where you’ll find the books selected so far and scheduled chat dates.

Book Club Selection for January 2016

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

Why I Chose This:
This book seemed like the perfect place to begin for two reasons:

1.) I know that many of you have already read The Gifts of Imperfection (not to mention Brené’s other books) and some have even taken a e-course on it through Oprah’s Lifeclass. Because this round has a shorter lead time, I wanted to provide an easy entry.

2.) I am genuinely fascinated by the idea of owning your story and how that manifests in both our inward and outward lives. I also believe that wholehearted living aligns with the core mission of Simple Scrapper and practicing the guideposts can enrich our scrapbooking hobby as well as the rest of our lives.

Note: I recommend checking your local library for our book club selections. However, if you do choose to purchase a book using the links above a very small percentage returns to Simple Scrapper.

Did you find this post helpful?

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  1. Lisa

    I signed up! This sound like so much fun!

  2. Honoré

    I’m definitely IN! And with the exception of one title: Do The Work, I’ve read/own all the others …so, I’ll purchase (ca-ching, ca-ching to Simple Scrapper) and also try the on Amazon – have been looking for a good title to begin that subscription service. Thanks Jennifer. Sooo exciting!


  3. Terri Torrez

    I have no idea how I missed that post about reading. This is fabulous. For one thing, I don’t have time to watch videos. Reading is faster and I can jump right to what I want or read in short spurts. I don’t mind audio because I can listen to that while I commute. But unless it’s a super-technique-heavy class, I rarely watch all the videos. But more than that – I love that your classes require a certain amount of introspection. My favorite classes over the years were of the “deep thought” variety. But with the changes to BPC, there’s a lot less of those around and I’m really missing them.

    We sold our house last year and I finally got the last box unpacked this weekend. I’m committed to spending more time scrapbooking this year, including jumping back into Project Life after a 2-year hiatus. I’m definitely in for the book club and I expect to be spending a lot more time here at Simple Scrapper.

  4. Marina

    Yay! Book clubs are the best. =)

  5. Tanya Napier

    This is so exciting! Some of these books are on my “to read” list, so it’s a good way to dig in.

  6. Kelly Jean

    I wasn’t planning on participating, but one of my goals is to read more. And I found this at my library, so I’m giving it a shot!


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