Does Anyone Still Read?

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I’ve been quiet recently, mostly because I’ve been teaching, but also because I’ve been reading and thinking.

I spent the last week leading a group of Simple Scrapper members through the beta edition of Refresh, my new seasonal workshop that resets your creative spark in seven days. It was challenging, eye-opening, and remarkable.

Though we’re still many weeks out from opening registration for the next session (to be held this January), there was something that bubbled up during the Refresh experience that I couldn’t wait to write about.

When Less is More

Since this was a beta run, the workshop was intentionally stripped down of bells and whistles. I wanted to focus on specific lessons and small activities that I know work well. My attention was on finding the right balance of introspection and action, rather than putting a spit-shine on the event.

Participants are just beginning to share their evaluations. And while there’s much praise for the experience, the reviews confirm that there are certainly improvements to make.

That was expected.

What has been most interesting, however, is what has not been said. In both the course discussions and the evaluations submitted to date, I’ve not heard any requests for more video or audio content.

I’m completely surprised and not surprised at all. Nearly every course I’ve taught in the past few years has included multiple videos and many also featured audio messages. Those things take time and were some of the key “bells and whistles” I chose not to include.

I assumed I would get at least one “How come there aren’t any videos this time?” comment. Nope.

As I began to marinate on this fact, I remembered that my best customers share a few things in common: they’re smart, thoughtful, have high expectations for themselves, and well-read. Well-read. Maybe there’s something to that.

I also recalled how I recently realized that librarians and teachers seem to be some of my very best students. They get how Simple Scrapper is different and value that I go beyond the surface.

That’s when it all became clear.

My audience likes to read. I’d even bet many of them like to read a whole lot, with stacks of books on their nightstand.

They value words and ideas and of course, stories. And while they may enjoy videos when there’s time and listen to podcasts while folding laundry, written lessons and exercises and discussions resonate the most—and are often also the most efficient format for consumption.

And as it happens, that’s also the format in which I communicate most effectively.

Are We Alone?

Recently I’ve read so many blog posts and heard even more podcasts discussing the shift from blogging to podcasts, videos, and social media. I would bet that at least one (likely more) of your favorite bloggers have stopped posting or post far less than they did before.

We’re in an era that rewards short attention spans with endless scrolling and autoplaying. As a whole we’re distracted and easily distractible. We give something a like or double-tap, but we can’t take the time to comment. And even amidst the endless flood of “content”, there’s effectively less to read so we don’t even have the chance.

With the emphasis on doing more and making it shorter (Periscope, Snapchat, etc.), some of the messages out there would leave you wondering if anyone still reads at all.

But the thing is, we do. We read. You’re reading.

I know it because you relished in the “What I’m Reading” storytelling prompts I shared with members recently. I know it because every time Kelly Purkey sells a book stamp it sells out in minutes.

I know it because you didn’t beg me for more multimedia content, content that you have find the time to consume so that you can check a box.

Reading is enough because words nourish you with meaning and genuine connection. Reading is your simple.

I’d love to hear your story in the comments. Are you an avid reader? What’s your preferred format for receiving workshop content?

Did you find this post helpful?

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  1. Shannan

    Yes! Always reading (and I have a two-hour train commute three days a week). I find I’m always distracted watching video lessons – I’m not sure why.

  2. Christine

    I read quite a lot. I love blogs over breakfast. I love books of all kinds. I do also love podcasts. I spend a good amount of time in my car for work and like to listen then. I’m not a Periscope or Twitter fan. I am also a fan of YouTube scrapping process videos. So. Lots of words to say it depends on what I am consuming and why as to what format I seek out.

  3. Stephanie Medley-Rath

    I am a reader. I don’t like video at all. I get bored by it. I still listen to podcasts, but not as freqently as I once did. I find I need more quiet or wordless background noise to actually get any work done.

    I haven’t blogged in over a year, but that is on account of a change in jobs and changing priorities. Perhaps when I get to my winter break, I’ll post an update.

  4. Cheri

    YES! I am a voracious reader and always have something at my spot in the family room to read while others are watching television shows that don’t interest me. I can generally only read novels while on vacation or during work breaks because I tend to get too caught up. When it comes to online classes, it takes me longer to watch the video or listen to the audio clip than to just read the material and I’m easily distracted when doing so. I guess I’m old school, but give me a written assignment and a paper form and I’m happy as a clam! I only need video when illustrating technique.

  5. alexa

    Reading over video and audio every time, for me: it’s more accessible, portable, faster and simpler. I do love simple :).

  6. Kay Gregory-Clark

    I am definitely a reader! I do occasionally appreciate a video on a tricky technique, but I prefer the written word for several reasons: 1) just because I love to read; 2) we have very limited bandwidth and unreliable service, so using it for videos is nearly out of the question; 3) even while watching a video, I find myself stopping, making notes or back-tracking often. With written tutorials, I don’t have to do this—the notes are already there, I can highlight them if I choose, and I have access to them forever when I’ve downloaded them. Not so with videos.

    Audio: I enjoy them, but find I don’t often make use of them—I more frequently will read the transcripts if they are available.

    Jennifer, thank you for recognizing this aspect of customer preference. I am sad to see the trend that most scrapbooking teachers are using more video tutorials than written lessons. By the way, I’m not particularly a fan of online magazines and digital books, even though I subscribe to some. I much prefer having the physical item in my hands.

  7. Leila

    As my Mother always said reading is the window to world where your imagination can soar. She was right – when I read I can see more what I want and not what someone else wants me to see.

    • Leanne

      I also like to use my imagination not someone else’s when I read – it always surprises me if I should see someone else’s version of a story I have read.

  8. Dottie

    I am a reader also. I like mysteries, romance, period romance, suspense, plus others. I often read before going to bed. I do watch videos but not regularly. Funny, when I was evaluating Refresh, videos never came to mind to ask for or something I missed. I also like to print out the lessons. I do not like to read anything of length on the computer. I do not own an e-reader nor do I want one. Bet you already guessed I am a paper scrapper. 🙂

  9. Heidi Tressler

    I prefer to read. I feel that most of the videos are longer than they need to be. They have excess to entertain. I enjoy your videos as they are direct, but I need more quiet to absorb the content. Reading I can block my family out easier. Might be because I have been doing this longer.

  10. Margaret

    I belong two book groups with American Association of University Women AAUW. In one group we read a book every month the other one is every three months. The books are always interesting.

  11. Kim Heggins

    I love to read and usually spend an hour a day reading. It is very relaxing and I would rather read than watch a video.

  12. Nicole

    I am an avid reader and reading is my preferred method of learning, whether it be educational or recreational. When I encountered video after video while going through the Focus course, I chose to click on the presentation file and read it instead. I can read faster and more efficiently than I can be read to, and therefore it pleases me more to chose my own pace. It was nice to be able to see you live and listen to your voice, but I’d prefer the information to come at a pace I select.

    When I don’t have the option of reading a video (other online classrooms, etc.) I also find I look at the length of the video immediately and if it’s long I skip it entirely. I find I can tolerate (yep, I said it – tolerate) videos no longer than 5-6 minutes, with 3 minutes being the ideal length. I’d watch seven or eight 3 minute videos rather than watch one that is 20+ minutes long. The only exception might be a complex lesson in fine art or something similar.

    I hope this feedback helps, but I believe you were spot on in identifying your audience’s preference for reading as the preferred content medium.

  13. Judy

    YES! I am a reader, have been since I could read. I have piles of TBR ( to be read) books all over the house. It is the last thing I do at night and it is a reward for completing a goal. I carry my phone with the Kindle app on it everywhere and take it out if I have to wait in line so that I can read a bit one of my current material.

    Video: I get frustrated with them because some speakers speak so slowly that I know I could read the information and absorb it much more quickly. I’d much rather read content than watch it. However, I do enjoy seeing the pictures of what has been done or what an example could look like since I am also a visual person.

    Audio: I do enjoy audio books when taking a long trip, but do not listen to them regularly.

    I am a paper and pencil person, so I love the forms you give us to fill out–those work the best for me. However, I did like the for to evaluate our projects on the Refresh class.

    Thank you for the work that you do. It is extremely helpful!

  14. SparrowApril

    I find this interesting. Here is what I’ve noticed for myself.

    I love to read, on my kindle. Sometimes I read articles in my phone, I might read more on my phone if articles weren’t presented as slide shows with so many ads I can’t figure where to click to proceed to the next paragraph. I don’t like to read on my computer, if I’m going to read I wany a comfy chair & pleasant locale. I have a laptop, so I’m portable but I find reading large amounts of text on a computer uncomfortable, perhaps it’s the scrolling, or eye-strain, I just don’t like it & don’t do much of it. After more than 8 years of reading on an e-ink no glare e-reader I find physical books inconvenient, they don’t travel easily & they give me hand cramps, I want to read for extended periods.

    I tend not to like classes that make me read and don’t have videos. Upon reflection I realize the ones that drive me crazy with reading & no video were presented in blog format with giant pictures that didn’t fit on my computer screen & required a lot of scrolling, and tiny text. A format which wouldn’t improve by reading on a phone or tablet.

    I think the value of video instruction depends upon what is being taught. For art journaling, video is wonderful, but I can see how video could be a distraction with instruction that is a thought journey.

  15. KatieK.

    Love to read!!
    Why of the major reasons I love Shimelle’s blogs and courses – lots and lots to read! The blog posts that have substance and words are the ones I go back to.

    I think the reading vs video instruction resonates with us memory keepers is because we are memory storytellers first – even if the ‘telling’ is still up in our heads.

    Also reading words allows for more personal interpretation and application to an individual’s circumstances.

    I like classes that have a mix of both stuff to watch and stuff to read. I learn and remember differently with each kind of content.

    If I watch a video regarding craft storage, I immediately compare their amount of stuff to mine in terms of storage ideas for example. Whereas if it was more word-based, I may not focus so much on ‘them vs mine”. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have video, don’t misunderstand me. What would I do if YouTube sharing stopped – yikes!!

    I’m interested in what others think. Do you like reading long posts? How does video affect our application and interpretation?

  16. Laree

    I adore reading! I always have a stack of books to work through. And while occasionally I need a video to really understand a new technique, usually they drive me crazy. I usually just need a quick refresher of what to do (aka, I forget where a certain rarely used technique is found), and it irritates me to have to watch a 5 minute video when scanning through the steps would take much less time.

  17. Julie

    Definitely a reader! and definitely piles of books everywhere 🙂
    I love your classes, but I too print out the transcripts so I can read them at my own pace. Long videos, unless instructional, just don’t work for me.

  18. Kim Faucher

    I agree with you! I am actually so overwhelmed by the amount and choices of videos/you tube/ periscope etc… Reading things helps it stick! I can refer back to information I need to. I think it also helps me get things done if I can re read it. Plus, it’s just nice to have “quiet” and actually just have my brain processing! With that said, techniques and tutorials with an accompanying visual ( i.e. Video or PDF with step by step ) are helpful when crafting.
    I think Simple Scrapbookers get that! 🙂

  19. mary

    i am a reader…i love this article! i rarely watch videos – too painful because i can’t be selective, scan, focus on only what i’m interested in. yet i will read a long post. i will always click on the transcript of any online class i’ve taken, rather than click on the video. the main exception to this is that i’ll watch super short videos that SHOW me products, with preferably very few spoken words. video length is huge – i can do about 3 minutes, maximum.

    part of this will vary based on what type of learner each of us is. maybe those who follow you have already self-selected as ‘Visual’? just a thought. obviously videos are also visual – but i prefer reading and photos.

    very interesting, jennifer!

  20. Kay

    I used to love to read, but since I retired from teaching 8 years ago, I’ve developed many interests that occupy my time and don’t leave much time for reading.

    I didn’t even notice the lack of videos in “Refresh” until you brought it to my attention. And like many other commenters I also like to read transcripts of videos and especially chat transcripts.

    Keep up the good work, Jennifer!

  21. Irene S

    I love to read. I don’t know why but I find myself getting restless if I have to watch a video. I would rather read the transcript.

  22. Angie Ulseth

    Another reader here! I listen to podcasts and audio books in the car, but only because reading while driving is frowned upon. 🙂

  23. Deanna Ridgway

    I agree that I’d rather read the content. For one thing, if it’s readable it’s also in a format that I can save and go over again later. Usually the videos are not….or at least I have not found a way to save them to my hard drive. They may be available back in the classroom, but that’s not always convenient or I may not always have wifi connection. I like content that I can save to my hard drive and re-read later. A short video with an intro or basic info is fine, but like some others have said, I get bored & restless with a video. Also, I can read content while my hubby is watching TV, or while I’m at work…..can’t really do that with a video as easily as reading.

  24. Amy

    I, too, am a reader. I love going at my own pace, taking pauses for thinking or writing in the margins, as I go. I have always enjoyed the questions you pose for us that make us think deeper! I have never listened to a single podcast and seldom participate in chats. I enjoy photos of work, work spaces, etc. – the whole and the details, but I’m not a fan of videos. I tire of listening to one voice, of seeing one person, and of waiting, often times hearing the same thing repeated multiple times. Because most of the videos are slow, I find myself wandering in thought, or writing something down, only to have to go back and painstakingly find where I zoned out and try to listen again.
    Thanks, Jennifer, for recognizing the reader in us! ????

  25. Diane

    I had to laugh…my husband fell out of bed last night and knocked off everything from his night stand. He said later that the only thing that would have been worse than picking up his stuff, would be to knock off all the books on my night stand…he said it would have taken all night to pick it up!

    I like to read; I like photos lots of them. I like videos; but I must admit that like most of the posts I have read, I will fast forward through some of it, or take notes and backtrack depending upon the content. I tend to zone out too.

  26. Kathleen S

    I’m another reader, and I think this discussion is great. I didn’t notice the lack of videos/audios either. That said, I do like to see the instructor in any particular class, learn a little of what she’s like. It helps me make contact. I also like videos of techniques and some products. The length of the video determines whether I listen or not. Very occasionally, I’ll watch a long one, but not often. I find my cut off point is 30 min.— and that’s stretching it. I appreciate a welcome video: quick hello, goals and class content review. Your availability to answer questions via email ranks higher than videos for me, and that’s one of the things I really appreciate in your classes.

    The whole scrap community has changed quite a bit in the last few years. I miss the blogging which I think has morphed into Instagram, etc. For my two cents, I think the blogs are generally more thoughtful, and more interesting as a result. I’m not into a lot of social media, though, so that might just be my inner dinasaur coming out!

    Thanks for the wonderful job you do with Simple Scrapper, Jennifer! Read on!

  27. Kim Smith

    Avid reader here too!

    Refresh this time around was wonderful and I did not miss the multiple videos and audio recordings……..I really like the new format for the class. That being said, I think future classes should include a happy mix of both video and written material, not necessarily what the public concludes is a happy mix, but what You perceive is right for the message you are conveying through the class.

    Know this: whatever you choose to provide for us in your classes, we will love it. You have struck a nerve throughout the community and I am so thankful and blessed that I have found Simple Scrapper!

  28. Cori Dahmen

    Teacher. Simple scrapper. Reader. I read daily, usually for hours at a time. I read paper books and e-books and children’s books and young adult books. Without reading I would cease to be.

  29. Jane

    I am a reader – always have been, always will be. I prefer to read the words in my own voice in my own mind. I don’t mind the odd video especially if they are process style but long ones leave me restless.

  30. Gabriela

    Excelente entrada!! Y cuánta razón hay. Me encanta leer. Soy maestra de grado. Y apasionada por el scrapbooking, que en definitiva esta muy relacionada a la lectura y escritura..
    Gracias por compartir!!

  31. Christine

    I concur with almost every comment above.

    If a transcript is available, I always print a copy, often ignoring the video altogether.

    We live in a wi-fi black spot, and inevitably during a long video, the connection drops out. This makes for very frustrating viewing.

    Videos 3-5 minutes in length are ideal.

    I have always been a reader. I am a retired high school teacher, and no surprises, a paper scrapper!

  32. teddi

    jennifer, you’re completely right! i love reading. i do have a stack of books on my nightstand near my bed. i did do a layout using the storystarter about books i’m reading. i didn’t even notice the lack of audio or video in the refresh course.

  33. Lynn Wigren

    You nailed it! Stacks of books throughout my house. I did Refresh last week and I loved that there were no videos, Periscope, etc.
    Here’s the other part though, at least for me – I’m tired of chasing after the “next great/cool/big thing” I’m tired of signing up for another app, another program, another blog, etc, etc. in order to learn about new products, new techniques and more. Its great that we have multiple vehicles but I don’t have time for chasing after the next new/great/cool/big thing!
    I haven’t done the evaluation yet but I found it relaxing and fulfilling to have time to read, process and really think about the information presented.
    Great job!

  34. Andrea

    I do read a lot and am a good, quick reader. To be really blunt, unless I really need a visual to see what and how to do something, videos take too much time. I can read (and get it) faster than you can say it usually. And if I’m having trouble “getting it”, I can re-read at my pace, without having to stop a video, guess at how far back to go, wait for it to buffer again and see/hear it again. People learn differently and some need audio or visuals, but even if I’ve seen you do it, I want to read the directions. That’s just my style.

  35. Catherine

    Love this post I love to read and have many books on the go. I found it refreshing (no pun intended ) to have no video content in the course. There is so much youtube videos out there if that interested me, but i loved the course and its content.

  36. Cheri Mandaquit

    I LOVE to read. I had to purge my bookcase to make room for the books I love. I definitely prefer the printed page over a video unless it’s a “how to” but I would rather print out an article than watch a video. I very much enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

  37. Liz

    Reading all the way- I have chosen not to take workshops because the content is all in video format- I have a job and an active small child, finding time to watch a video takes away from my crafting time.

  38. hannah

    love love love reading ~ information goes in deeper

    videos have a great place for visual content such as showing a technique or product

    audio also great for thoughtful content

  39. Dawn

    I love to read! I enjoy paper— making notes—- going back to view my notes– I make lists and cross things off. I also print out class lessons when I can and jot notes down—– I am 56 years old. Is it only a certain age group (am I not into technology?) or is it the way certain people learn, I don’t know. However, this is who I am.

  40. Tanya N.

    I love reading and DO have a stack of books next to my bed, as well as a huge wish list on Amazon.
    I tend to be better without all the audio/visual, but I have found that I do like the live chats that are offered at times.
    I am easily distracted and have 3 young boys, so it’s tough for me to be able to just sit and listen or watch from start to finish. If I don’t get to do it all in one sitting, I tend to drag my feet getting back to it out of frustration.
    Plus, I like having something to hold onto (printables or workbooks), as it keeps me more on track and able to pick up where I left off. The same reason I haven’t moved to an e-reader format!

  41. SueTR

    I could not agree more. I have always been a huge reader (real paper books please-yes I am that girl who lugs 800 page books on an airplane) and I read novels at least every night before bed and I always have stacks of magazines in the car to read while waiting for practices to end. I love reading blogs and I am sad that so many people seem to be abandoning them in favor of shorter media. I like content I can print out and put in a binder and look up later without having to turn on my computer. That said, I do enjoy some video content, I like putting a face and a voice to the class. I love interactive worksheets to fill out and mull over as well.

  42. Fawn DeMurl Carriker

    You know your students/friends well, Jennifer! I, too, am a reader. I get impatient with videos because I know I could read the words more quickly myself for the most part. I do enjoy brief videos, such as when you show us organizing progress, etc. I don’t use an e-reader, but prefer real books. (I, too, have a stack by my bed waiting to be read; also a stack under the edge of the bed and one under my desk.) Keep up the good work! Even though I don’t take advantage of very many of the bells and whistles, I love my Simple Scrapper membership.

  43. BettyLou

    Definitely a reader but also a consumer of audiobooks and podcasts. Love film but only rarely watch videos when optional. Check the transcript out first.

  44. Claire

    Yes, for classes, I actually prefer reading the content. I usually am able to read while sitting with my family (with the TV on), so watching a video would require earbuds or just a time when I’m alone. Words definitely resonate with me, so I prefer reading blogs to watching YouTube videos. Unfortunately, I don’t have as much time for leisurely reading, so I have taken to audiobooks and listen when I’m in my car. I also enjoy podcasts.

  45. HelenH

    well, I enjoy video and podcasts. All of my fiction reading is audio. My eye sight makes it harder to read, and even electronic devices give me trouble. I love the move to editable worksheets. I make most notes electronically because the last thing I want is another binder of paper!
    It took awhile to adjust to the cadence of SS content, being used to Big Picture Classes. But now I appreciate the short, deep structure of the events.

  46. Francine

    Another reader here. In the evenings when we’re watching tv, I’m also reading a book or article in a magazine, almost anything with print. The show has to be particularly enticing for me to put the book down. When we went to France and were on a bus from Calais to Paris – I really wanted to read – I even tried to read the billboards but I don’t speak, much less read, French. That was the most frustrating bus ride in my life. Almost any and all subjects/genres are fair game – (as long as they’re written in English.) I don’t really like to read on the computer or my Kindle – I really prefer paper, bound or not, that I can hold in my hand. I morn the decline of published magazines and regular mail.

  47. Jen Campbell

    Love this post! I wish I read more books, but I agree – I’m over the chaos of myimedia content. I’ve stepped back from FB, downsized my IG feed to those I love, and am consciously choosing not to just scroll and like/tap. Reading is still my favourite way to comsume information and I’m always looking for quality content!

  48. Patricia Dettloff

    Hi all, I’m definitely a reader. I find trying to watch videos, listen to podcasts or attend chat sessions are difficult.Between interruptions from the household or my mind wandering randomly around, I end up rewinding and re-listening over and over, only to get off track yet again.

    I am definitely a “paper” person, except in my actual scrapbooking… I am a digital scrapper. I like the handouts and read them with my yellow highlighter in hand. It helps me to find that perfect description of something or that great quote, etc. I print these and chat sessions out and whatever else is available and put them in my trusty binder.

    To tell you the truth, I was a late to college person, starting at 53. I took 95% of my classes online to reduce the interruptions, the repetitions and the random off topic discussions one finds in the on ground classroom. And I could go at my pace to learn instead of waiting for the words “go home” to get the work done, I was already home. This is how I approach our sessions with you, Jennifer. I rarely finish them but read voraciously what you’ve said in print and have learned so much! So for me, no, videos or podcasts or even YouTube submissions aren’t a necessity at all. But, then again, that’s me.

    Oh yeah, and I read novels of many genres all the time while listening to TV… that gets a bit much as well!

  49. lisa m. zepponi

    I loved this article!! I never thought about the fact that there were no videos in Refresh. I loved the fact I could read the information, get the instruction and move on without having to download a video or tons of pictures. I live in a rural community and I do not always have reliable data/video streaming. So, THANKS for not having a ton of video! (not to mention it is also quieter (i.e. easier) to read at work vs. listen to a video!

    • lisa m. zepponi

      on this note; i actually prefer the still-life photos of a project vs. a video. I can save the pictures to my phone and pull up anytime without internet connection. I do LOVE a video when I need step by step instructions on a new technique I am learning.

  50. Pat

    Jennifer, I agree with so much that has been expressed. I didn’t miss video’s in Refresh…didn’t even think about a video. I do like a video for learning a technique, like Noell does. I listen to u-tube when they are concise and to the point. I don’t like e-books, but have a few. Just love to lay down with a good book or mark up my study books. I trust you to know when a video is needed and that it will be done JUST right.

  51. Patty

    I am an avid reader, but if you had asked before Refresh started if we wanted to view video lessons or read content, I would have voted for videos. That being said I enjoyed Refresh immensely, and accomplished a lot. I also never even realized there weren’t videos until you mentioned it here. Never missed them and never had any issues with reading content. Maybe it was the nature of the class, but I loved the set up and am eager for the next event.

  52. Stephanie


    Interesting discussion topic!

    I am definitely a reader, but I also enjoy watching videos.

    I think both have their place in learning.

    When would I prefer reading something vs. watching something?

    I prefer watching a video when a technique is being shared, such as when learning about how to use a machine, paint with a certain medium, draw, etc.

    I prefer reading when the learning is centered around a concept or stories are being shared.

    I do like video for connection as well – it gives me a chance to get to know the instructor better, to get a sense of who they are personally.

    I have to admit that I was a bit surprised to read how many people still like to read what they are learning rather than always watch videos!

    The media and “experts” all claim no one reads anymore, right?

    I have also found that people will read long posts, and watch long videos, if the subject is something they’re really interested in and want to learn about.

    I do believe, based on my experience, that the quality of the offered videos and writing must be of high quality, at least for the “educated,” and that there is little tolerance for bad sound and wasted time on video, and typos in written works (or maybe it’s just me who has little tolerance for this?! ;)).

    Thanks for giving us all something to think about and kudos to you for “testing out” your theory before investing a ton of time into what may be unnecessary. Smart girl!

    Have a great weekend,


    • Missus Wookie

      Agreeing with Stephanie here – I like the videos to learn more about the instructor (glimpses of the studio, cats, views out of windows) and the ease to share details of techniques or a project over view.

      But I like reading as I can skim and then go back over where necessary.

      Where there is a handout and a video, I will often download and read the handout before watching the video.

    • Blayne White

      Loved this post and the thought it provoked.
      I agree with Stephanie wholeheartedly on all counts. 🙂
      I love to read and always have several magazines and books piled up that I’m reading all at once.

      For learning, I too feel that it depends on the content whether I’d prefer to read or watch a video. I can’t stand videos that wander around and don’t get right to the point and I quickly tune out. For most creative endeavors, I do like lots of photos and to read the directions – skipping what I don’t need.

      I would LOVE if people would prefer not to have videos because I truly get frustrated making them for my own business. It’s incredibly time consuming, but for what I’m doing, I feel I can’t skip the visual. Maybe I should ask my own users the same question you did!! Great idea. 🙂

  53. Nancy

    Gosh…..I guess I’m not the norm here….I wouldn’t call myself an avid reader…..I like receiving your info through both mediums…emails and videos. I can take my time when reading your emails. On the other hand,…videos are helpful too…. I’m a visual and hands on kind of learner. I feel more connected when watching your videos….it’s more personal.

  54. Gab

    Yes, i’m a big, big reader – it’s not that I don’t like video, but I can always find a minute or two to read something whereas finding 5-10 minutes to watch a video is a bit harder

  55. Sara Worth

    Jennifer, I generally read your blog posts with anticipation, knowing that you are voice the compiles a lot of the observations and thoughts I appreciate on a page. Thank you again for striking a chord. Finally, after three years of a continued subscription & additional money spent, I’ve canceled my SC PL kit. It was time, to bring meaning back in my hobby, use up the stash I had accumulated, and hope to be inspired in other ways. Thanks for being one of those sources of inspiration.

  56. Michelle Wedertz

    I am absolutely a reader. As much as I think videos are fun to watch, I prefer to see the text! Ha ha. Coffee and blog reading is part of my everyday routine and even though I have seen a drop off in blogging from bloggers that I have read for a few years, there is always a new blog and voice to replace them. I am also a regular blogger. I find that blogging is a great writing exercise. My world resolves around taking care of kiddos and a household and blogging is sometimes my only way to keep my writing skills up. Can’t let that English degree go to waste ;).

  57. Jodi

    Love this! I would much rather read something than watch a video too. Its too hard to find time to sit down with a video when I’m not going to be bothering someone else. Reading is relaxing to me while I have a hard time focusing on videos.

  58. Judy Perry

    I am another person who prefers to read rather than watch a video. While it is helpful to watch a video to learn/see a particular technique, I rather not watch someone just talking to me.
    I had a stroke a few years ago, and reading an article and being able to highlight something, or go back and re-read a passage is helpful. I find that I learn more quickly now, if I read an article.
    For me, reading the article and then maybe, seeing the video helps, but I find that I usually don’t watch the video because I don’t particularity like watching videos on my computer. Now, if it was something I could watch on my TV, I would probably be more likely to watch.

  59. Tracy

    Reading feeds my soul. My time for it ebbs and flows, but the love is always there.

  60. Jenni

    Yes, I read…we have a “library” of books…all in one room and then four more shelves throughout the house! We will have to downsize to a 2 bedroom soon and I am not looking forward to that…but I can get used to using a reader. I don’t mind that so I suppose I’ll be getting books from the Library that way! We have both (My dh and I) have been avid readers from the time we were kids…I even have the series “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” from when I was 16! There are definitely some books I will keep but unfortunately, I will have to get rid of a lot. THAT’S going to be the “tricky” part…how do you “get rid of” “old friends?”

  61. Tiffani

    I prefer to read, but sometimes appreciate the visual of a corresponding video when I’m trying to learn something new, like a digital scrapping or art technique.

  62. Hummie

    Yes, I’m reading. Just 21 days behind on my Feedly. 🙂

    I sure hope blogging is not out, but I agree that social networking is killing other forms of communicating and there is too much information overload.

  63. Christine Geary

    I agree with the other Christine above; I like both depending on what and why. That being said I do lean toward the reading side. I DO have a big stack of books on my nightstand and have sworn off buying anymore books until I’ve read all the ones I have but haven’t read yet. When you start buying second copies of a book you haven’t read yet something has to change, right?!



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