Recently Google announced the retirement of Picasa, their popular-but-outdated free photo management application. Effective March 15 2016, Google will no longer update or support the desktop software.

During last week’s Photo Crush challenge, I created a video tutorial explaining how Picasa works and how to migrate from Picasa albums. I also show how to import photos into four other applications: Apple Photos, Adobe PSE Organizer, Adobe Lightroom, and Mylio.

The good news is that if you were using folders within Picasa, the exit strategy is only a matter of importing that structure into another tool.

Albums, however, are only virtual organization and require a little more leg work. There are two options to consider if your folders don’t match your albums:

1. Photos can be exported album by album to re-create the system used in Picasa. This approach would create duplicate copies, so care would need to be taken to remove the unorganized files.

2. Photos can also be tagged based on your albums if exporting would be difficult. The original files could then be imported into new software so that a software’s “smart” organization tools can help you create a new structure.

While Picasa was a simple, user-friendly tool it was not quite modernized. Today’s updated options are robust, affordable replacements to carry you forward with ease.