Do You Worry Too Much About Being Organized?

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I get it, I really do. You want to feel ready to scrapbook and that means having everything just so. The thing is, this desire can result in spending far more time organizing your scrapbook supplies than actually using them.

That’s just not sustainable and certainly not very fun. In fact, the more you focus on purely administrative tasks, the harder it is to get into the groove of making.

If you’ve let the anxiety of disorganization get in the way of creativity, this post is for you. I’m sharing specific strategies I’ve used to let go of perfectionism and make progress amidst any amount of chaos.

Do You Worry Too Much About Being Organized?

1. Clear a Path – Stacks, piles, and clutter can feel insurmountable, diminishing any spark of creativity you brought to the table. However, anyone can push it all aside to clear an 18″x18″ space to craft. Stop making excuses and start scrapbooking even if your space isn’t ready. Your memories don’t care about the mess.

2. Shop Your Stash – Easy access to every item is ideal, but often not realistic. Instead of constantly re-arranging your supplies, choose a different approach to product selection. Use a box, bin, or tray and “shop” your stash before you begin a new layout. Gather a little more than you need to have options without having to get up again.

3. Monitor Intake – If you’re constantly needing to put new purchases away, could you be shopping too much? I’m by no means anti-product, but balancing how much you’re bringing in with how much you’re actually using can provide some dramatic relief to your organizational anxiety.

4. Let Go – Sometimes your biggest barrier to feeling organized is an unwillingness to release what is not needed. Before you can ever organize items in a logical way, the clutter and excess must be cleared away. Embracing a mindset of simplicity and even minimalism can be a helpful first step towards freedom from your frustration.

5. Take Small Bites – Instead of focusing on “getting organized”, narrow the field of view to a zone or category of item. Focus on finding storage solutions that are tailored to a specific problem, rather than haphazardly purchasing containers. By breaking the process down into manageable chunks, you’ll be able to see progress and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

6. Start Doing Sprints – Organization doesn’t have to be an endless marathon. Set specific dates on your calendar to focus intensively on organization. Focus for that period and then let it go, knowing that dedicated time will come around again. Ideally plan a sprint once a quarter to reset your workspace for three months of creativity.

Organization should be your ally in memory keeping. If it’s the bane of your creative existence, however, try one or more of these options to stop the worry and start feeling purposefully productive.

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  1. Natalie Murphy

    Are those zip lock bags in the little notebook – I think this is a fabulous idea and would love to know more. Seems a good way to store ephemora!

    • Phyllis Salesman

      Natalie Murphy – At Hobby Lobby look in the fabric department where the yarns & fibers/floss are for the embroidery thread tools. It is to keep the thread by color, but thinking “outside the box” has made it a paper crafters tool also.

      p.s. I have one for my floss & fibers & one for ephemera in

  2. Bobi Trani

    Really appreciating your approach.



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