It’s been a while since I captured some of my more personal thoughts on life and creativity, so today’s the day. I’ve both missed writing more regularly and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the medium of video. Here’s everything that’s on my mind:

1. Quiet – Today our members kicked off a week-long “media deprivation” experiment. This is the brainchild of Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, and is designed to help you slow down and stop drowning out your thoughts in noise. The idea it to replace consumption with production, input with output.  It’s 4pm and I’ve already done more today, a Monday of all days, than I did all of last week. I’m keeping a vlog this week and will share it next Tuesday.

2. Lightness – I have loved every iteration of Stash Bash, but I think The Great Stash Bash format might be my favorite. It was a fun challenge to come up with 12 different video ideas and so amazing to witness your progress over the month. (Check out the entire playlist of scrapbook organization videos.) I’m continuing the process in my own space on a slow-but-steady pace, but am very proud of finally letting go of some clutter that had been taking up space for far too long.

3. Retreat – April is a month-long exploration of retreat for me, it seems. This media deprivation week is undoubtedly a much-needed retreat from online noise. Then, on April 12 our next session of Refresh begins. This is our seasonal, members-only online event that features curated activities and discussions to jumpstart your scrapbooking hobby. And then finally, I’m headed to an out-of-town conference with my husband at the end of the month.

4. Nature – We had four inches of snow yesterday and it was 16 degrees this morning! I am itching to get outside, to feel the grass between my toes and the sun on my face. This has been the longest winter ever and nature is calling my name. We’re dreaming of new landscaping in the side yard, strawberry plants on the front steps, and adventures to our favorite parks near and far. Spring has got to be just around the corner. Please, let it be so!

5. PlayA horrific tragedy in our local community kept me up at night a lot recently, but even moreso reminded me of the need to be truly present with my family. Work still needs to get done, but greater focus is in order to ensure there is enough time for tea parties and fairy gardens. With this kind of clarity, at least for me, always comes a renewed desire to take pictures. The more we do and play as a family, the more I want to record these once-in-a-lifetime moments.

6. Ease – This year my personal scrapbooking process has continued to focus on smaller and more simple projects. I’m creating a lot in 6×8 and even did a few Project Life app pages that size recently. I’m loving the Day One app for recording more of the details than I have in the past. I seem to be more focused on tying up loose ends than starting new things, which is probably not a bad thing at all.

7. Details – Maybe it’s the age I am at or maybe it’s just my personality, but I keep finding myself in search of things that work better, taste better, look better etc. I’m no longer willing to compromise. Right now I’m loving my classic black Vans, the Everyone Hand Soap in Apricot & Vanilla, Green Dragon Hot Sauce from Trader Joe’s, Aquage Uplifting Foam, and the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow foundation.

What’s on your mind this month? Share in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Lisa Hausmann