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Jennifer Wilson

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May 23, 2018

On most evenings from May through August we go out for a walk after dinner. I love the longer hours of daylight and the slow simplicity of summer evenings. But with that urge to soak it all in comes an inner tension. I bet you’re feeling it too.

You’re ready for fun adventures and making new memories, but you also wonder what is going to happen to your favorite routines. From the household chores to your scrapbook albums, how will you keep it all together during the summer months?

I believe you can embrace summer’s freedom while staying connected and on track. I’ve got some ideas that might help. Let’s dive in.

Step #1: Accept that summer is different.

Whether your life revolves around a school schedule or not, the warmest months of the year inevitably mean more time outside and less time on all the indoor activities that occupy us over the winter.
By simply acknowledging that this time has a different rhythm, but also a limited duration, you can start to see a fresh perspective. For me, this alleviates some of that “How will I keep up?” anxiety and helps me embrace everything that is special about this time of year.

Step #2: Set your bare minimum.

When September rolls around, I don’t want you to feel frustrated and behind. Yes, you will have to let go of some things, but everyone has a bare minimum that keeps you on track. Think about the domains or zones of your life that will need tending and identify one regular action.

In my memory keeping, staying on track with photo management is my bare minimum. Even if I get no scrapbooking done, I know that the rest of my year will be easier if I keep sorting and deleting photos.
This idea works even if summer is when you have the most time and flexibility. By keeping your eye on what’s essential, you can find progress in those unstructured days while still enjoying the season’s delights.

Step #3: Commit to your engagement.

In theory it should be easy to keep up with your bare minimum, but summer does a good job of keeping things “out of sight, out of mind.” So in tandem with these mini tasks, you need a plan to stay connected and remember all those good intentions until season’s end.

I find it most helpful to pair a tangible reminder (like a checklist) with the support of a community. When I know others are going through the same thing, I am much more likely to follow through on my plans and remain engaged with my priorities.

Our new Summer Camp edition of the FREE Creative Roadmap workbook is now available. Inside you will find simple questions to streamline your focus, as well as a fun new challenges to help you stay on track and connected all season long.

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