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by | Jun 13, 2018 | Announcements | 0 comments

Earlier this week we opened the doors to new members, after a brief hiatus while our community made a big, exciting move.

Our membership is now called My Simple Scrapper and it’s a community of welcoming and thoughtful memory keepers who will encourage you to take time for creative play and get your stories told.

Learn more about My Simple Scrapper.

I’ve shared a few details leading up to our grand re-opening, by email and via Instagram, but you might be curious about why we’re so enthusiastic about this huge change. Well, today is your chance to take a peek at the new digs!

Yesterday I went live on YouTube to provide a behind-the-scenes tour of our new community. I shared what our membership is all about and how we’re using this new platform to deliver an awesome experience for our members.

Here’s the recording* from that broadcast:

* There are some audio syncing issues related to bandwidth on this recording, a tiny bit at the beginning but more so at the end. My apologies!


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The Simple Scrapper community will encourage and support your unique creative journey.