10 Ideas to Prep for the New Year

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I love these days in between Christmas and the New Year. I also find myself a bit restless, itching for that new beginning that is still so many cookies away.

(Please tell me I’m not the only one trying to get rid of all the unhealthy snacks before the ball drops!?!)

Now that we’re in the home stretch wanted to check in with you and share a few of my favorite ideas for how to make the most of this special week.

Idea #1 – Practice a new habit.

Get some of those slip-ups out of the way now while you try on a new habit. From going to be earlier to reading more, you can learn a lot about what success will take by putting in some practice during this transition time.

Idea #2 – Figure out that app.

If you’ve been waiting to find the time to set up Lightroom or learn to use the Project Life app, there’s probably not a better opportunity. Dig in and build some skills you’ll use all throughout the new year.

Idea #3 – Clean off your desk.

A deep clean may not be in the works, but you can take 20 minutes to clear off a surface. It always takes less time than you think if you really focus on the job at hand and get everything put away.

Idea #4 – Finish a project.

Have heaps of time? Challenge yourself to buckle down and get that project completed before the calendar flips to the new year. You might be surprised by how much momentum a deadline can create.

Idea #5 – Start your workbook.

If you’ve not yet begun the Scrapbook Your Way workbook, this is the perfect time of year to begin. This free tool can help you stay motivated and forward-moving with your scrapbook projects in the year ahead.

Idea #6 – Let go.

We all have something we a ready to leave behind in 2018, but you don’t have to wait for the clock to strike midnight. Go ahead and give yourself permission to let go and start moving froward.

Idea #7 – Spend time outside.

I always feel more grounded when I unplug and get outdoors. Whether you need to bundle up or wear sandals, an hour in nature can help you find the clarity you are seeking for the new year.

Idea #8 – Write in your journal.

You undoubtedly have many ideas rumbling around in your head about 2019. Start making those dreams real by writing down the why and how. Test out possibilities and explore options through your words.

Idea #9 – Make one tiny commitment.

If there’s a decision you’ve been wanting to make, like signing up for a yoga class or becoming a Simple Scrapper member, just do it. You can always course correct later, but it’s time to take that step forward and try.

Idea #10 – Create a “right now” page.

Celebrate the good in your life as it is in this moment by documenting what you are loving right now. You might even find this works perfectly as an introduction to next year’s album.

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  1. Kelly Jean

    Love this post so much! And these tips are great. Thank you for sharing!


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