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As the year comes to a close, we’re taking stock of our blessings and gearing up for a fresh start. As part of our plans for 2019, I’m excited to announce a new initiative at Simple Scrapper: #ScrapbookYourWay.

#ScrapbookYourWay celebrates writing your own rules for scrapbooking in a world where a camera is always within reach and creative options are abundant. It means choosing the memory-keeping formats and processes that feel simple and work best for you. “Your Way” is the approach that fills you up and fits your life right now.

Scrapbook Your Way at Simple Scrapper

The Hashtag

We’ve long encouraged the use of #SimpleScrapper for sharing photos, pages, and projects inspired by our community, but it’s time to add a new hashtag into the mix. You are invited to use #ScrapbookYourWay whenever you share how you made something work for you. Whether you used a time-saving shortcut, made a project course correction, or managed to eek out extra time by getting a Roomba, let us know how you #ScrapbookYourWay.

You can use hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but we’ll be primarily watching Instagram to see how you are personalizing your creative process.

The Workbook

The first major effort of the #ScrapbookYourWay initiative is our new free workbook. The Scrapbook Your Way Workbook is an undated tool you can use to get your creative plans in order and keep them moving forward throughout the year. It’s not a one-and-done worksheet, nor is it a planner you need to keep up with every day. Consider it your sidekick for twelve months of happy, productive scrapbooking!

The workbook contains practical and eye-opening exercises to ensure you stay motivated and focused season after season. It is available in three formats: printable PDF, editable Google Doc, and professionally printed volume shipped to your home.

Get your workbook now.

Reminder: Pre-orders for our January shipment of printed workbooks close December 28.

The Podcast

Next up is perhaps the most exciting news I have to share. We’re launching a free scrapbooking podcast in early 2019!

I got the hang of podcasting over the past three years, creating 77 episodes for our member community. It’s time to shake things up and bring that conversation to the wider creative community. The Scrapbook Your Way Podcast will celebrate the breadth of ways to be a memory keeper today. Our format will vary week to week, with a healthy mix of teaching, listener Q&A, roundtable discussions, and interviews with everyday scrapbookers.

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After a decade of serving the scrapbooking community, our team is ready to take things up a notch. We’re leaning in to our strongest values of creative inclusivity, flexible productivity, and joyful simplicity. We’re also evolving to serve our biggest fans and our soon-to-be fans even more effectively.

I’m so glad you’re along for the ride and can’t wait to share more in the new year. Happy Holidays!

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  1. kimberly jones

    I’m looking to being able to participate more in 2019! I would love for you to consider adding onto the podcast a “thing we love” at the end of the podcast like noel & izzy used to do. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a product, it could be anything – app, tech item, style, youtube personality, blog, etc.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      I loved that segment too, so it’s definitely on the agenda!

  2. Juli

    Merry Christmas! I’m extremely excited about your new PoDcAsT! Wowwee!! I love to listen and learn from others. As someone who is constantly thinking, making, or shopping for all things paper craft related, it’s nice to be able to listen as well! Congratulations-I’ll be listening! I’ve also downloaded the workbook—let’s do this! Xo🥂🖍🖌📖📎✂️📝❤️🧡💛💙💚💜🖤💗

  3. Shannon Minner

    How exciting Jennifer. I can’t wait to listen!

  4. Rhonda H

    I love listening to podcasts, especially at crops, so yours will be a perfect fit! Can’t wait. Also, I did get the workbook to download, finally, after lots of finegagling, if that is a word. lol.

  5. Gab

    Have a wonderful Christmas…. I’m hoping 2019 will be better than 2018 and that I have more time to #scrapbookyourway (or any way!)

  6. Fancyscrappper

    Oh yay! I’m so excited about the new upcoming podcast! I’ve been missing The Paperclipping Roundtable in the worst way. What a joy it ill be to have a podcast that’s focused on what I enjoy specifically. I know you will do a fantastic job!

  7. Name Carmelle Landreville

    Hi Jennifer, I just print it… will read it today…and take notes…. look very interesting¸¸¸
    I will send you more comments after I finish¸¸¸
    I have visitors two grand kids since the week of Christmas One is gone yesterday
    for his work.. Vanessa, my grand daughter will be with me until jan. 15…
    She is so nice, she went to buy me another bookshell, she install it too. She will work with me in my scrapbook and she has some work for her University too.
    I want she learn how I keep my photos and my scapboook albums. So if I get sick she won’t trow them away but keep them in my family… Have a good scrapbooking week with all your organisation of documents… Also I will listen the podcast. I didn’t have time during the holidays… I like the way that everything are evoluating… Carmelle Landreville

  8. Donna Gajewski

    I listen to your podcasts & love them! I have been searching online for months for a photo scanner that could scan my existing 12 x12 scrapbooking pages as well as printed photos that I want to scan BEFORE scrapbooking them. I am sooo confused! Can you recommend one that ACTUALLY works??
    Thank you!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      This is a tough one Donna. Most of the large format flatbed scanners at the consumer level only go to 11.7″ on one side. For someone who was super serious about scanning many layouts I would look into an overhead scanner like this one:

      Obviously that is quite the investment, so you might consider photographing your layouts or exploring local options to have them scanned…. and using your budget for a regular or compact scanner for your photos.

  9. Gabriel Moos

    I’m Developing a New Tool for Content Creators, Experts and Podcasters

    Hi Scrapbook your way Podcast Team,

    As a podcaster, I’m sure you receive plenty of messages and questions from listeners. Right now, I am leading the development of a tool, so your listeners can support you or a charity of your choice for your time and expertise when you reply to their unsolicited messages on any platform. We are pre-launch, private beta, so I’m reaching out to get your feedback.

    Could you respond to these two quick questions?
    1. How many questions do you receive per week from your listeners? How many of those do you respond to?
    2. How much money would you need to raise per message to respond consistently?



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