SYW007 – The Easiest Way to Scrapbook?

Jennifer Wilson

I’m your guide here at Simple Scrapper. Our community helps people find what fills you up and fits your life in memory keeping.

February 25, 2019

The Project Life app has been a game changer for modern scrapbooking, offering a simple entry for beginners and a more portable option for even the most serious memory keepers. In this episode I’m joined by two Project Life app power users, Breon Randon and Patricia Dettloff, to explore the versatility of this free mobile tool.

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  1. Gabi

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Honoré

    This was a great episode-kudos to you – Jennifer, Breon & Pat. I’m for sure going to reacquaint myself with the app and use it way more!

  3. Danie

    I Loved this episode! All of the different ways you three talked about in how to use the app was phenomenal! I’ve been using the app since it first came out, but I still learned things and came up with Lots of ideas based on what Bre amd Pat have done.💜

  4. Beth

    This episode was packed with great information and your two guests were very experienced! I would love to see videos with these ladies or other experts to explain/demonstrate these techniques. I didn’t realize how much more there was to Project Life. 💕

    • Jennifer Wilson

      So glad you enjoyed this episode. You might check out the Simply Project Life Facebook group for lots of great tips and tutorials for using the app! We also love to help out inside of our My Simple Scrapper community.

      • Jenna



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